Chantel From 90 Day Fiance Is Causing A Stir With Her Birthday Photos

Many want to celebrate our milestone birthdays in a big way. But, when that birthday occurs during a global pandemic, it might be wise to curtail your plans. But Chantel Jimeno of 90 Day Fiance and The Family Chantel seemingly doesn't agree, as she's been partying it up for her 30th birthday and splashing the photos all over her social media.

As a refresher, the relationship between Chantel and her husband, Pedro, was first featured on Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance, according to ScreenRant. The couple was such a fan favorite that TLC gave Chantel and Pedro a reality show, The Family Chantel. They've had some marital problems throughout the years, many of which were arguably caused by Chantel's overprotective family.

So, it might surprise you that her family didn't step in to stop her over-the-top birthday plans, which could potentially put herself and her family members at risk of contracting COVID-19. Let's look at how Chantel is celebrating the big 3-0 (her birthday is Feb. 2) and what online commenters are saying about the trip.

Chantel Jimeno's fans criticized her decision

Pedro Jimeno seemingly stayed home as wife Chantel Jimeno jetted off to Cancun, Mexico, to celebrate her 30th birthday, according to ScreenRant. The trip is an all-girls affair for Chantel and her guests, who are reportedly staying at The Grand at Moon Palace, a luxury resort.

As you can see by Chantel's Instagram account, she's been having a blast getting dressed up in sexy outfits, lounging by the pool with her friends, exploring the resort's various restaurants and bars, and posing for endless photos. In one Instagram Story, Chantel dances and parties on a boat that looks pretty crowded. No masks or social distancing measures were evident amid the birthday celebrations, at least judging from the social media posts. Of course, it's hard to say for sure what truly happened.

On a picture of Chantel dressed up in a dazzling outfit, one commenter wrote, "Wear a mask." Others chimed in, "I was thinking the same thing about this. Who goes on vacation in the middle of a pandemic. I doubt EVERYONE had a vaccine — and Mexico's COVID-19 cases are crazy high. Silly." Another joked, "She clearly above a pandemic. It can't get her she's too good." Well, it appears Chantel might have some explaining to do.