How Much Was Christopher Plummer Worth At The Time Of His Death?

Hollywood icon Christopher Plummer was renowned for his work in some of the most beloved movies, including his role as Captain Von Trapp in The Sound of Music, before his longstanding career came to an end. The actor died "peacefully" on Feb. 5, 2021, at the age of 91, his family confirmed to The Guardian. Plummer died in his Connecticut home in the company of his wife of 53 years, Elaine Taylor.

"Chris was an extraordinary man who deeply loved and respected his profession with great old fashion manners, self-deprecating humor, and the music of words," Plummer's longtime friend and manager of 46 years, Lou Pitt, said in a statement. "He was a national treasure who deeply relished his Canadian roots. Through his art and humanity, he touched all of our hearts and his legendary life will endure for all generations to come. He will forever be with us."

In the wake of his death, his fans are remembering his outstanding career and the wealth that came with it. Keep scrolling to see Plummer's net worth.

Christopher Plummer worked tirelessly until his death

Known for his Oscar-nominated performances in Beginners and All The Money In The World (he won for the former), Christopher Plummer's 60+ years in the entertainment industry surely paid off. With his filmography spanning from 1953 until 2021, Plummer worked practically every year of his life since his 20s, with his last project being the voice of Rizzo in Heroes of the Golden Masks, which is currently still filming, per IMDb. One of his other final and memorable films include 2019's Knives Out. With countless nominations, awards, and consistent work, it's no surprise Plummer left behind a large fortune. With a net worth of reportedly $20 million, per Celebrity Net Worth, Plummer was clearly living comfortable at the time of his death.

Plummer is survived by his longtime wife, Elaine Taylor, and daughter, Amanda Plummer, whom he shares with ex-wife Tammy Grimes, per People, so it's likely his large fortune will be handed down to them. It looks like Plummer will be able to provide for his family even postmortem.