90 Day Fiance: What Robert And Anny's Relationship Is Like Today

90 Day Fiance has captured plenty of scandals, including rocky relationships, breakups, deportations, and inevitable divorces. So when a couple makes it — and even starts a family — it's one of those rare occasions when fans can rally behind them and celebrate real love. Beloved duo Robert Springs and Anny Francisco had their ups and downs as a couple, but they ultimately tied the knot during Season 7. 

Rideshare driver Robert lives in Winter Park, Florida, where he raises his young son Bryson. Anny moved to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic to be with Robert, but only after she arrived did she learn that Robert has five children with four different exes, per Screen Rant. Robert's former in-laws thought he was moving too quickly with Anny, but nevertheless, the couple said "I do." Since their appearance on 90 Day Fiancé, Robert and Anny appeared on spinoffs Pillow Talk and Discovery+ talk show 90 Day Bares AllKeep scrolling to find out what Robert and Anny are up to today!

Robert Springs and Anny Francisco welcomed a baby girl

90 Day Fiance stars Anny Francisco and Robert Springs have expanded their family! In July 2020, Anny gave birth to daughter Brenda Aaliyah, per Screen RantWhile the couple keep baby Brenda's face hidden on their social media accounts, they are doting parents to the little bundle of joy. 

As for their love life? Anny became an icon of sex positivity during Season 7 of the hit series. She urged Robert to accompany her to strip clubs and even propositioned a threesome situation. On the talk show 90 Day Bares All, Anny clarified her actions, admitting she does not consider herself to be bisexual but has been with "maybe three or four" women, per Entertainment Tonight

For now, both Anny and Robert are all about their daughter. "It's very beautiful and I feel so blessed. Because I have my baby, I know how it is to be a mother now," Anny opened up to ET