Sketchy Things About Anthony Michael Hall No One Knows About

Anthony Michael Hall has led a pretty quiet existence since his heyday in the 1980s as part of the Brat Pack, starring in films like The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles. Quiet, that is, unless you're one of his neighbors or ex-girlfriends. The actor has struggled with some personal demons for a while that, until recently, went widely unreported. Here are some unsettling aspects of the actor's life—and here's wishing him some peace in the future.

He may have severely injured a neighbor

In September 2016, Hall was busted on video in a scuffle with a neighbor that allegedly stemmed from an unlocked gate in their condo complex. In the blurry clip, a man whom TMZ identified as Hall can be seen slamming another man to the ground. Hall was charged with felony battery with serious bodily injury after the altercation, which reportedly left his neighbor with a broken wrist and a hurt back. TMZ reports that because the case has special alleged circumstances, Hall faces up to seven years behind bars instead of the usual maximum sentence of four years.

After news of Hall's potential jail sentence broke, the victim in the scuffle spoke out and said that he wasn't even the original target of Hall's ire—he just came outside when he heard a loud argument to see what all the trouble was about, and then Hall allegedly wailed on him.

"He [Hall] got into a tussle with someone else in the complex. I heard yelling out my front door and walked out to see what was going on," the victim, Richard Samson, told People. "I told him, 'You need to calm down.' Within two seconds, he was in my face and said some very unpleasant things to me. He then shoved me and I fell to the ground. As soon as I fell on my wrist, I heard and felt it break."

Samson added, "I want to make it clear that it didn't have anything do with the gate. I just walked outside to see what the yelling was and there was an altercation with someone else in the complex and that person has chosen to be anonymous."

Hall's attorney had no comment on the allegations.

There was a hose incident

Samson previously accused Hall of being overly aggressive. TMZ reports that Samson filed court documents in the battery case, claiming that the former Brat Pack star would often shoot him "menacing" glares. More unsettling are Samson's allegations that Hall would also frequently spray him with his hose, often soaking Samson and his patio in anger. Samson got a temporary restraining order against Hall after a hose incident, with a judge reportedly ordering Hall to cease all of his alleged harassment.

He allegedly disturbs the peace often

In September 2011, Hall was busted for allegedly disturbing the peace. According to the Los Angeles Times, a neighbor (whom TMZ later identified as, once again, Richard Samson) told police that Hall ripped plants up from a common area of their Venice, Calif., condo complex. When the neighbor confronted Hall about it, the actor allegedly cursed at the neighbor and threatened to "beat him to a pulp." A short time later, Hall allegedly knocked on the neighbor's door and told him to come outside to fight, at which point the neighbor called police. Hall was then arrested without resisting.

His other neighbors may have issues with him as well

Despite his frequent run-ins with Hall, Samson claims that he's not alone in the drama. "I am not the only one in the complex who has had interactions with him," Samson insisted to People. "The police have been here before because of him. It's a scary thing living next to this guy."

Other neighbors told TMZ that Hall often flips people off and screams obscenities at them for no apparent reason, even challenging some to fights in the street. Sources claimed to have complained to the housing association in the neighborhood to no avail. One neighbor even admitted, "I have considered buying a gun to stay safe from Hall...he's the scariest person I've ever encountered in my life."

He was accused of domestic violence

In November 2009, Hall's ex-girlfriend, Diana Falzone, accused the actor of stalking and assaulting her. Page Six reports that Falzone said in a police report that Hall bit her forehead and "pushed, shoved, and spit at" her. Falzone claimed that Hall returned to her home at around 3 a.m. and was very intoxicated at the time, allegedly banging on her door repeatedly until police escorted him away, according to the report. Falzone obtained a temporary restraining order to keep him away.

He had a drinking problem

In 1992, Hall revealed to People that he had an alcohol addiction by the time he was 17 years old. "I was drinking vodka by the quart every day," he confessed. "I got in fights and punched people in the face...A lot of performers get messed up because they think they don't deserve their success, but I was the opposite." Hall got clean by the early 1990s.

He got scary on set of a ghost show

Hall had to confront some actual demons and some metaphorical ones on a 2015 episode of The Haunting Of. In the show, he talks to host Kim Russo about an alleged paranormal experience he went through at the Hollywood Hotel when he was 14 years old. While filming, Russo addresses Hall's prior struggles with substance abuse, and he flips out and storms off camera. He eventually returned to the set, with Russo awkwardly acknowledging that she "struck a nerve."

He reportedly suffers from bipolar disorder

Page Six reports that in 2003, an insurance firm sued Hall for failing to disclose that he suffers from bipolar disorder two years earlier while taping the USA series Dead Zone. Hall allegedly didn't take his medication during filming and subsequently suffered from an episode of "bipolar affective disorder depression with psychotic features." He was released the next day. (E! News says that Hall's bipolar disorder is a "mild case.")