Temptation Island: The Truth About Erin And Corey's Relationship

The COVID-19 pandemic has put many productions on hold, including our beloved reality dating shows. Temptation Island is one of the shows that was affected by the pandemic and had to halt production for a year, Screen Rant reported. According to USA Network, the show is a "social experiment [where] four couples at a crossroads in their relationships put their love to the test by giving 'single life' a try." On the show's set in Maui, Hawaii, the four couples agree to live in separate villas with opposite genders while acting like they are single to see if they are able to remain faithful to each other.

Many of the couples who join the show have relationship troubles that they need to sort out before committing to each other (via Distractify), including Erin Smith and Corey Sobczky — one of four couples on Season 3 of Temptation Island. Read on to find out what problems led them onto the show.

Erin has a bad habit that Corey's insecure about

After dating for almost two years, Erin Smith and Corey Sobczky are lacking trust in their relationship. According to their Temptation Island bio on USA Network, Erin, who works as a behavioral therapist, has a history of dating professional athletes and likes to compare her boyfriends to her exes. This habit leads to her boyfriend Corey, a concierge manager, feeling insecure and "underappreciated" by Erin, whereas she wants to see if there are better options for her on the island. Corey, though, wants to prove otherwise to Erin and win her back.

The couple's trust issues were apparent when they played lightning round. When asked if they had their read receipts on, both Erin and Corey said yes. "I like to be shady," Erin said on camera alongside Corey. "If I don't want to answer you, you're going to know it." Corey responded with a simple sigh. 

If their reactions are anything to go by, Temptation Island audiences are in for a treat when they tune in to find out how Erin and Corey will overcome their relationship struggles.