Radio Interview With DJ In Taylor Swift Groping Case Deleted

The radio station where disgraced DJ David Mueller gave his side of the story regarding Taylor Swift's alleged groping case has gone radio silent.

As Nicki Swift previously reported, Swift accused Mueller of lifting her skirt and groping her bum without her consent at a June 2013 meet-and-greet. Mueller was fired from his position at KYGO FM after the incident, though he denied any wrongdoing. Mueller sued Swift for slander after her initial accusation. Swift filed a countersuit alleging assault and battery. She vowed to donate any winnings to sexual assault victims' charities.

In the November 2016 interview, Mueller defended himself, saying (via TMZ), "I'd never been in trouble in my life. I actually contacted a criminal attorney. I thought for sure I was going to get arrested...This actually is the worst possible scenario for me because if I was arrested, I would have my day in court," he continued. "You're innocent until proven guilty. I would have a chance to defend myself in criminal court. I never got a chance to defend myself. I never got my day in court. My program director never came to my assistance at the arena that night. The police never showed up."

TMZ reported that iHeartRadio's Mojo in the Morning Show has since scrubbed Mueller's interview. Sources told TMZ that shortly after the interview was posted online, iHeart Radio execs called the show and requested the audio be removed from the website to preserve the network's good relationship with Swift, who often performs at iHeart Radio concerts and promotional events.

A spokesperson for iHeartRadio denied that Swift was involved in the decision to delete the interview, as did Swift's rep. Mueller's attorney also denied responsibility for the audio's removal. Regardless, the recording lives on at TMZ and elsewhere, so that effort was futile.