This Is How Much Alexandra Breckenridge Is Really Worth

American Horror Story alum Alexandra Breckenridge has certainly gravitated towards top shows in her career. From This Is Us to The Walking Dead and now Netflix's Virgin River, the star is a familiar face to TV fans. 

Yet Breckenridge personally enjoys the simple life. She and her husband Casey Hooper are raising their two children in the suburbs of Atlanta, as opposed to Hollywood. While Hooper travels the world as Katy Perry's guitarist, the couple prefers to stay under the radar while at home. "The rural areas of Georgia have an amazing sense of community we were lacking in L.A.," Breckenridge revealed to Atlanta Magazine in 2019. "We wanted our children to grow up in a place where they could play and ride their bikes that didn't feel like a big city."

Of course, Breckenridge's impressive acting resumé has led to quite a few large paychecks to fund her laid-back lifestyle. So how much is Breckenridge really worth? Keep scrolling to find out!

Alexandra Breckenridge is a multi-millionaire

Maybe Alexandra Breckenridge found more fact than fiction in her current Virgin River lead role! Based on the book series by Robyn Carr, Virgin River centers on a widow who sells her Los Angeles home and relocates to a rural California mountain town. Breckenridge credited the "coziness" of the Netflix adaptation series for its success, telling The Huffington Post in December 2020 that the show "provides the perfect sort of soft landing and entertainment for people dealing with loss or going through what they're going through [with the coronavirus pandemic]." 

In addition to her on-screen acting, Breckenridge also lent her voice to adult cartoon Family Guy from 2005 to 2014, also adding to her net worth. She is estimated to be worth approximately $2 million, and after decades in film and TV, it makes sense! The Breckenridge-Cooper family no doubt counts their children and low-key private lifestyle as their true wealth, though.