Are Ashley And Rick From Temptation Island Still Together?

As a new cast of troubled couples and tempting singles heads to Temptation Island for Season 3, fans are wondering where things stand with couples who ran the seduction gauntlet in previous seasons. Season 2's Ashley Goldson and Rick Fleur were at a rocky period in their four-year relationship when they joined the show but finished the season together. The only question now is if their love lasted after the cameras stopped rolling.

Ashley G. and Rick had a drama-filled season, blowing up social media when host Mark Wahlberg asked Rick what he thought of girlfriend Ashley's date pick, KB. "I'm not handcuffing her," he said. Ashley said this was the moment she decided all bets were off in an interview with Bustle. True enough, as later that night she and KB hooked up.

Fans on social media were harsh on Ashley for being "tempted" by KB, but in the Bustle interview she said she didn't regret her actions and said she'd grown from the experience. And by the end of the season, she and Rick had decided to give their relationship another go.

The troubled couple tried to make it work after the island

Though they left Temptation Island together, Ashley Goldson and Rick Fleur's relationship was off again by the time they got to the reunion show. Turns out, after the island, Rick and Ashley couldn't make it work, but Rick had actually started something with Medinah.

Then again, it doesn't look like that relationship was made in heaven either, as Rick tweeted in January, 2020, "For everyone wondering I'm single." If there's anyone new in the former reality star's life these days, he hasn't made it IG official yet, so it looks like he's still ready to mingle.

As for Ashley, she confirmed the split in a heartfelt Instagram post on the day the reunion episode aired, writing in the caption, "I want to thank [Rick Fleur] for being on a rollercoaster ride with me that has come to an end. Sometimes we get so comfortable with toxic relationships but we've learned it's time to grow and move forward separately."

A year later, if there's anyone new in Ashley's life, she hasn't told us yet.