Why You Recognize Jon Kent From Superman & Lois

Talk about the role of a lifetime! Newcomer Jordan Elsass will be taking on the almost-impossible task of portraying Superman's son, Jon Kent, in the new Superman & Lois CW series. Elsass will star opposite the titular Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) as the teen son of the Man of Steel. Elsass also has an onscreen twin brother Jordan, played by Alex Garfin, per Superman Homepage.

"The story element, the family element, are going to be something that we haven't even seen in Smallville or a Superman movie," Elsass told FFTV. "This is a more rounded character arc for Lois and Clark and for the boys. They're all getting fleshed out and it feels like a real family...Right now, this show I just feel like is going to hit home for a lot more people because there's an undertone that's a little more dark." 

Of course, the 19-year old himself didn't drop out of the sky. So where else may you recognize Elsass from? Keep scrolling to find out!

Jordan Elsass' breakout role was in Little Fires Everywhere

What do everyone's favorite Hulu quarantine binge and the highly anticipated Superman & Lois have in common? Star Jordan Elsass, of course! The actor appeared in critically acclaimed Little Fires Everywhere in April 2020 and now makes his superhero debut in the new CW show. He also appeared in TV series Panic and Tell Me Your Secrets.

For Little Fires, Elsass portrayed Reese Witherspoon's onscreen teen son and swapped his native Texas home for Los Angeles, per Austin 360. According to his IMDb page, Elsass' first acting job was in 2014, but his breakout role was undoubtedly Little Fires. "For me, landing [that] role meant that I could truly start to envision acting as a career," Elsass told Schon! in April 2020. "It was a validation of the work I had put in up to this point and showed me that I can have confidence that when the right roles come along, I have a real shot at them." 

Now, it seems Elsass has more than just a shot at roles with his success!