90 Day Fiance: What Anfisa Revealed About Her Divorce With Jorge

90 Day Fiancé icon-turned-bodybuilder Anfisa Nava has always been vocal about her relationship with ex-husband Jorge Nava. With explosive fights ranging from lost makeup bags to keying cars, their drama was reality TV gold. 

To recap, Anfisa arrived in the U.S. on the K-1 visa, but it quickly became apparent that Jorge wasn't entirely truthful about his Los Angeles lifestyle. After bragging about his riches, Jorge revealed that he was actually in debt. Although Jorge's business dealings weren't a central focus in the series, he got arrested in Arizona shortly after filming wrapped. Jorge got sentenced to two and a half years in prison for marijuana possession with intent to distribute; the couple ultimately called it quits in August 2020, after Jorge was released two years into his sentence, according to Us Weekly. Anfisa found a new beau named Leo Assaf in March 2020, but they split in November of that year. 

Yet, Anfisa is only now speaking out about what it was like filming the hit series, and she's also spilling the tea on her relationship with Jorge. What did she reveal about their divorce? Keep scrolling to find out!

Anfisa Nava claims Jorge Nava cheated on her

Anfisa and Jorge Nava are one of the most memorable couples in 90 Day Fiancé history. Now, Anfisa is clarifying that her on-screen persona isn't who she is in real life. In a February 2021 YouTube video, Anfisa revealed that she "played up the 'Russian stereotype,'" Screen Rant reported. She even hinted that she knew about Jorge's alleged shady business ventures and that she was "trying to protect him from doing something illegal." 

Jorge and Anfisa tied the knot in 2016, but even before he went to prison in 2018, Anfisa assured him that their relationship was on the rocks. She also alleged that Jorge "cheated, lied, and never stood up" for her. Even worse, Anfisa claimed that Jorge began dating his current girlfriend while in prison — and without telling Anfisa. Although Jorge may have moved on with his life — including announcing in November 2020 he's going to be a dad — he allegedly still owes over $24,000 in "toll evasion penalties to the Transportation Corridor Agencies," as reported by Soap Dirt

It's fair to say Anfisa is better off without Jorge, and both former reality TV stars are on to bigger and better things apart.