Irina Shayk Opens Up About Parenting With Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk met in 2015 and topped lists as one of the hottest couples of all time. They were spotted early on in New York City hitting up plays and laying on the PDA, according to ET. Things got really serious when, in November 2016, Shayk confirmed that they were expecting a baby and, as the outlet notes, she walked in theVictoria's Secret Fashion Show with a baby bump. Love it. Then on March 21, 2017, they had a daughter, Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper.

Cooper and Shayk broke up in June 2019, according to ET, and it was a headlining breakup. The split came shortly after Cooper's heavily-praised film, A Star is Born, which featured Lady Gaga. Rumors buzzed that Cooper and Gaga were a pair after they gave a convincing on-screen performance of love. Of course, subsequent rumors circulated that Shayk and Gaga could be at odds over the speculation.

Despite the talk, Shayk and Cooper have been co-parenting their girl and Shayk actually opened up about the experience, a rare occurrence since she's so private. Here's what she had to say.

Irina Shayk never understood the word 'co-parenting'

Supermodel Irina Shayk spilled the beans on what it's like to co-parent with her ex, Bradley Cooper. Shayk opened up as Elle's March 2021 cover star and got candid about the experience. Shayk is nothing but supportive and said that Cooper is "the most amazing dad." More than that, Shayk added that their daughter, Lea De Seine, doesn't see her mom as a high-profile supermodel but instead "just as Mom."

The outlet wanted to know what co-parenting is like for Shayk and Cooper. "I never understood the term co-parenting," Shayk explained. "When I'm with my daughter, I'm 100 percent a mother, and when she's with her dad, he's 100 percent her dad. Co-parenting is parenting."

Shayk also explained why she likes to keep so tight-lipped about Cooper. "My past relationship, it's something that belongs to me, and it's private," she told Elle. "It's just a piece of my inner self that I don't want to give away."

The experience of parenting is an amazing one for Cooper too. He told Ellen DeGeneres that having a kid let him be a kid. He said: "It allowed me to embrace my childlike self without any fear of judgment."