The Bizarre Thing You'll Find At Jenny Slate's Home

Jenny Slate comes across as a quirky person and that's one of the reasons she's successful. Earning an impressive number of roles over the years and taking on various projects — such as appearing in 2017's Gifted alongside her now-ex Chris Evans and voicing a character on Big Mouth — it's hard to imagine anyone forgetting about the adorable Marcel the Shell, and fans of Parks and Recreation will surely remember her as the super saucy and epically sassy Mona-Lisa Saperstein.

While Slate's professional life obviously tends to revolve around comedy, there's something about her personal life that's downright creepy. The star explained to Refinery29 that she lives in "a very old house" that was originally a dance hall, which was built for the grandmother of her fiance, Ben Shattuck. "A lot of people who sleep over, guests that we've had, say that they have wild dreams and hear things in the house," she said, although it does not sound like a possible haunting scares her. In fact, she added, "It makes sense to me that where I would finally land and have my life partnership is in a house for partying. I wouldn't be upset if I saw one of those party ghosts and I wouldn't be upset if I became one one day."

While Slate has seemingly put a positive spin on her spooky situation, there also happens to be another strange aspect about her home. And it honestly sounds like it could be something out of a horror movie.

Jenny Slate's yard includes the creepiest feature

Have you ever been freaked out by Pet Sematary, either Stephen King's 1983 novel, the 1989 film, or the more recent adaptation that all share the same name? Then you probably do not want to visit Jenny Slate's house. That's because, as she explained while chatting on Late Night with Seth Meyers in December 2020, her old home "has an actual pet cemetery."

"I mean, they didn't get murdered," the star clarified. "I think they all kind of went their way and then they died and then they buried them. [The house] has been in my fiance's ... family since like the '30s, I think. So it's, you know, like 90 years of pets."

While that would be creepy enough, Slate also revealed that she found herself acting rather strange in relation to her corpse-filled yard. "At the start of the pandemic, when I was just newly pregnant, I started to go out and visit the pet cemetery every day," she said. The performer continued by admitting that her partner claims she would tell him things along the lines of, "I'm just gonna go outside and visit the pets." The star also noted, "That's like how a scary movie starts. You know, like a pregnant lady is like, 'My pets! My precious, precious pets!'" 

That would definitely make a chilling start to a surely spine-tingling story! Perhaps Slate should write the script and star in a freaky flick based on her home.