Why Everyone Is Talking About Tyler Posey

Tyler Posey became a teen heartthrob after viewers saw him play Scott McCall in MTV's Teen Wolf, which ran on the network between 2011 and 2017 for six seasons. Since Teen Wolf wrapped, Posey has kept himself busy, landing roles in films like Truth or Dare, The Last Summer, and Alone. He has also developed a more edgy look and has begun pursuing music, having released his debut single "Shut Up" in March 2021.

While Posey has been busy growing his career, he has also taken the time to develop his own sense of self. In October 2020, for instance, he revealed he was sexually fluid. "I did this live on OnlyFans and they were asking me stuff that horny people would ask you: 'Have you been with a man? Have you been with the opposite sex?" Posey recalled on the Just for Variety podcast (via People). "And I was just being honest about it, because no one's ever asked me before," he admitted. "I thought that was really interesting that it just broke down this wall that I didn't feel like I put up, but it was easier for me to just be honest about all that stuff."

The actor also opened up about his spiritual journey on which he embarked during part of the 2020 lockdown, and it has everyone talking.

Tyler Posey updated fans on his sobriety

Tyler Posey revealed during his raw interview for the Just for Variety podcast that he decided to get sober to help himself grow as a person, but ultimately chose not to stay completely sober. "I felt like since I was about 14 years old, I've stunted my mental growth from just not dealing with anything and dealing with it with weed or drugs or booze," Posey admitted (via People). "The time that I was sober, I felt like it kick-started me growing up and sped up the process of me growing up and dealing with the stuff that I haven't been dealing with forever." He added that during his five months of sobriety, he meditated every day and prayed to "a higher power." Posey had previously told Jason Ellis on his radio show that he loved himself "for the first time in forever" when he was sober.

Posey's update got some fans talking — mostly about their worries for his health. "I'm more concerned he isn't sober anymore," one fan tweeted. "I hope he stays healthy mind and body." Another showed support by writing, "I hope he finds the help he needs... Being able to be so open about it is a good first step though. I see hope."

While some fans might be concerned about Posey, he said on Just for Variety that his plan wasn't to stay sober forever, and that he's happy he learned so much about himself during his journey.