Why The Queen Provided Meghan Her Most Trusted Advisor

During Meghan Markle's explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, she claimed she did not receive any princess training before reporting for duty, but those on the inside have suggested otherwise.

"Unlike what you see in the movies, there's no class on how to... how to speak, how to cross your legs, how to be royal," Meghan said during her tell-all interview on March 7, 2021, per the Daily Mail. "There was none of that training that might exist for other members of the family. That was not something that was offered to me."

Despite her remarks, sources told the outlet the queen appointed her most senior staff to act as "mentors" to the princess-in-training, in addition to a team of 15 palace veterans who would comprise part of Meghan's own private staff. One of said veterans was Samantha Cohen, the queen's former deputy private secretary, who supposedly acted as Meghan's chief of staff and was given the responsibility of preparing Meghan for life as a royal.

"The Queen gave her Sam, her most trusted, her safest set of hands," an insider told the outlet, adding that Meghan received regular tutoring sessions on etiquette at Kensington Palace. Keep scrolling to see what other resources insiders claim were at Meghan's disposal.

Meghan's claim that she didn't receive any training was 'disingenuous'

Despite Meghan Markle's claim that she did not have a Queen Clarisse or Paolo to help her with her transition to royal life, sources say, "It is very disingenuous to make such a sweeping generalization," per the Daily Mail.

"There was a brilliant team of very experienced and loyal aides to help them. Sadly, she and Harry were willing to listen to no one. And that is the honest truth," an insider revealed.

"No one wants to get into a tit-for-tat but it is important to stress that this idea the duchess wasn't helped with protocol, that no one taught her to curtsey, she had to google the National Anthem herself, isn't true," a source shared.

"Contrary to what has been suggested, Buckingham Palace has learnt from the mistakes of the past and were determined to help them in any way they could. They wanted to make Harry and Meghan a success," they continued. "Unfortunately, they didn't want to listen. Harry was intrinsically distrustful of the institution and Meghan just really didn't want to know."