The Truth About 16 And Pregnant's Selena Gutierrez

MTV has officially released the trailer for its seventh season of 16 and Pregnant, the hit show that got its start in 2009 and has birthed several spinoffs like Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2, and Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. The cast will include five new young moms: Abygail, Kyla, Selena, Shelby, and Taylor.

According to MTV, (via Hollywood Life), Selena Gutierrez is the youngest of a 20-member family, so her pregnancy with boyfriend Sean was quite a shock. "Selena's family does not approve of their intense and often rocky relationship, which is making it difficult for the young parents to settle down," MTV noted about Selena's familial and romantic relationships. "Complicating things even more, Sean's mom Mary has a debilitating condition and he often feels torn between caring for his mom and being there for Selena and the baby." There is no trace of Selena's boyfriend on her Instagram, which may be a telling sign of their relationship status

Selena doesn't post very often on her social media, but she seems to have a lot to say about her pregnancy. Keep reading to learn the truth about 16 and Pregnant's Selena Gutierrez.

16 and Pregnant's Selena Gutierrez is ecstatic to be a mom

While Selena Gutierrez is fairly quiet on her Instagram page, becoming a mom is one thing she chose not to be shy about. She announced her pregnancy on April 8, 2020, with a picture of her sonogram, a pink teddy bear, an "It's a Girl" balloon, and Jordan sneakers. "I'm so excited I'm going to have a mini mee!!" she wrote with the photo. "god blessed me I can't wait till my beautiful princess gets here ,she's gonna be so spoiled !" The next month, she shared another sonogram photo to her feed. "I'm just so thankful for my lil princess ,my hearts so full I can't wait to show her my love n affection I know she's gonna be a daddy's girl tho . It's almost time for you baby girl," she gushed

Selena had her baby girl, Dareli Marie Gutierrez, on Oct. 7, 2020. Since then, she has shared several snapshots of her "lil princess." Selena's most recent update as of this writing is a Boomerang of her holding her daughter and promising to give her a wonderful life. "I promise Ima give her the world she always gonna be straight, I can't wait to show her how much she's changed my life my little blessing is only gonna keep bringing me blessings.mama loves you this is for you," she stated. It's clear that Selena is elated to have a daughter to love and raise.