The Real Reason Harry Styles' Grammys Acceptance Speech Was Bleeped

One of the best parts of watching award season live are the celebrity blunders that make some already memorable nights even more memorable! Be it Jennifer Lawrence falling up the stairs at the Oscars or Kanye West famously interrupting Taylor Swift at the MTV VMAs, the best moments are often the unexpected ones. Unfortunately for viewers, when you mix a global pandemic with award season, you get some virtual appearances that can appear flawless... unless you are Harry Styles.

The pop singer opened the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards in a black leather suit and lime green feathered boa to perform his summer 2020 hit "Watermelon Sugar" before winning his first Grammy as a solo artist in the Best Pop Solo Performance category for the aforementioned single. Styles took the stage after an outfit change (and feathered boa color swap) to, of course, thank his team and fans.

However, fans watching the award show were surprised when part of the former One Direction singer's acceptance speech was bleeped out, concocting their own reasons as to why.

Fans wonder if Harry Styles thanked Olivia Wilde

Not to worry — there is nothing wrong with your television. And no, this was not just another case of an audio hiccup during a virtual award show. Harry Styles' speech was, in fact, bleeped out and some fans wondered if it had anything to do with who the pop singer thanked.

One fan took to Twitter to ask, "Did Harry thank Olivia and it got bleeped out?" alluding to Styles' rumored girlfriend Olivia Wilde, of course. Other fans were desperate to know what he said, one fan tweeting, "WHAT DID HARRY SAY THAT THEY HAD TO BLEEP OUT I NEED TO KNOW." Another viewer pointed out the irony of them bleeping out what Harry said, "THEY BLEEP EVERYTHING AND THERES JUST A HUGE WAP SIGN IN THE BACKGROUND LMAOOO NO."

While some viewers realized the bleep was intentional, others thought they may have lost signal. One fan tweeted, "I dont know what Harry Styles said, but the bleep was so long that I thought I lost signal #GRAMMYs." Another fan took to Twitter to ask, "DID THEY BLEEP HARRY OUT OR DID MY TV STOP WORKING?" Luckily, these fans' TVs were just fine. Unfortunately, the drama was not all that juicy. The pop singer simply had a slip of the tongue, cursing on live television.

Read on to find out what he said.

Harry Styles swore mid-acceptance speech, causing a stir

One Twitter user revealed what Harry Styles said in the few seconds bleeped out on television in an unedited video, and it turns out the pop artist was simply acknowledging the "f**king massive" competition he had in the category (via Refinery29). Styles was up against his ex Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Doja Cat, Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish. Yup, sounds like Styles was right!

His use of the f-bomb wasn't the only thing that had fans talking about Styles on Grammy night. Many viewers took to Twitter to react to his interaction with Taylor Swift. The former couple dated in the fall of 2012 and two of her songs from 1989, "Style" and "Out of the Woods", are rumored to be about their relationship.

The photo going around on Twitter of the pair reconnecting at the awards show got some fans hoping for a collaboration, one user tweeting, "i'm truly starting to genuinely believe we're getting a Style (taylor's version) harry + taylor collab." Another fan tweeted "Harry... Taylor..... This is time like no other to ignore 2012 and be besties and give me a collab eventually."

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift show their support for one another

Many viewers also noticed how supportive the pair was of one another when each of them won their respective awards. Harry Styles won Pop Solo Performance of the year for "Watermelon Sugar," and Taylor Swift won Album of the Year for Folklore, making her the first woman to win the award three times.

After Styles won his very first Grammy, one fan tweeted, "taylor was the first to stand for harry taylor was the first to stand for harry taylor was the first to stand for harry." Another user tweeted, "Taylor clapping for Harry at the #GRAMMYs tonight!" And there's even a video tweeted by a viewer that confirms that Swift was the first one to stand after Styles was announced as the winner.

It's clear that some fans want to see Styles and Swift getting back together — but in a professional manner. How awesome would it be to hear a collab from the pair? Fingers crossed we'll hear one soon!