What Dolly Parton Had To Say When She Met The Duggar Family

What could Dolly Parton possibly have in common with the Duggar family? They both come from big families, of course! The country music icon grew up with 11 siblings in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are famous for their huge brood of kids that they are raising in their home state of Arkansas. Their two worlds seemed to collide in 2009 when the TLC stars took a fun trip to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., where they were able to meet the singer face-to-face.

Parton and the Duggars were in awe of each other as they met up with the cameras rolling as part of their reality show — then called 18 Kids and Counting. Parton was super-excited meeting them. She was chock full of compliments for the family.

In return, Michelle Duggar, who was holding baby Jordyn in her arms, told the "Jolene" singer that it was "a privilege and a joy to meet [her]." The whole family was entranced with her and did a lot of giggling. Jim Bob's sister, Deanna, as well as her daughter, Amy, also tagged along on the trip. In addition, Grandma Mary Duggar, who unexpectedly died in 2019, was with her loved ones as well and got to enjoy the company of the legendary country crooner.

Dolly Parton's comparison to Elvis amused the Duggars

Dolly Parton just couldn't seem to contain her excitement in the presence of the large ultra-conservative family. They were all amused when she compared meeting them to meeting someone that even the Duggars had heard of. "When they told me I was going to meet you I got more excited than if somebody said I was going to meet Elvis," she told them.

In addition to getting to enjoy all of the fun rides that Dollywood had to offer, the Duggar family was also scheduled to have their own float in the 24th annual Dolly Parton Homecoming Parade, according to Country's Chatter. Another thing that Parton and the Duggars have in common is their musical talent.

Although none of the kids are famous crooners like Dolly Parton, they do sing in church. The younger Duggar girls even have their own CD called Happy Heart. The siblings are also taught to play musical instruments as part of their homeschooling education. Parton was totally impressed by their musicality when they met. The TLC stars asked her to sing Amazing Grace with them and she pleasantly obliged.