The Truth About Dane Cook And His Much Younger Girlfriend

Chances are, if you were a movie-goer in the mid-2000s, you caught comedian and actor Dane Cook doing his thing on the silver screen once or twice. His most popular and successful film roles include Good Luck Chuck, in which he starred alongside Jessica Alba, and Dan in Real Life, where he acted in a supporting role beside comedy heavyweight Steve Carell.

If you didn't catch Cook on the big screen back then — there's since been a noticeable drop off in his film career — you likely tuned into one of his headlining comedy shows over the years, for which he completed a number of successful tours and taped a few popular stand-up specials, like 2006's Vicious Circle. He's been known for accumulating raunchy or insensitive laughs both on stage and in his movies, which has made Cook no stranger to controversy over the years. Not to mention those joke theft accusations from the now-disgraced comedian, Louis C.K., which effectively hurt Cook's popularity in the comedy scene.

Perhaps equally controversial to some is Cook's relationship with his much younger girlfriend, Kelsi Taylor, which began back in 2017, per Us Weekly. But there are lots of interesting things going on here, if you put this seemingly odd pairing's romance under the microscope for a proper examination. 

The age gap between Dane Cook and Kelsi Taylor made headlines

For some, age ain't nothing but a number — but others can't wrap their minds around noticeable age differences in couples. If there's one thing Hollywood's known for, it's relationships that raise eyebrows from the get-go due to large age gaps. Cue: Dane Cook and his girlfriend, Kelsi Taylor. Months after the two went Instagram official with a cute pic of them hugging in April 2017, the 26-year age gap between then-45-year-old Cook and then-19-year-old Taylor made headlines in January 2018 ... and faced backlash. The Daily Beast, for example, called their romance "creepy," claiming it "raise[d] serious red flags."

For his part, Cook was quick to address the controversy in an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that February. "It's a little tricky though because my girlfriend and I get a lot of crap from people because we have an age difference," he said, before responding to the audience's reaction with, "Thank you for the snickers of approval. I'm sure that wasn't judgement at all." 

While the funnyman went on to say, "I love her, she is the kindest, sweetest, just my favorite — my best friend," he couldn't help but poke fun at himself. "Sometimes I actually find myself saying, 'Where has she been all my life?' and then I realize she wasn't alive for the first 26 years of it," Cook quipped. "People are like, 'You're robbing the cradle.' I was like, 'She hasn't slept in the cradle for like nine years, relax.'"

How did Dane Cook and his much younger girlfriend meet?

While some couples in show business meet on set or at swanky Hollywood affairs, that's not always the case. Dane Cook and Kelsi Taylor are no strangers to a red carpet appearance, but they actually met at one of the game nights the comedian's known to host at his home. 

"We were friends for a while & soon after fell in like with each [other] and then upgraded to love," Cook revealed to fans during a Q&A session on his Instagram Stories (via Us Weekly). For her part, Taylor told fans her Instagram Stories that she's "forever super grateful" to the mutual friend who introduced the couple, per Metro. Aww. 

So, did these two share a similar wave-length during a round of Pictionary, or did they fall in like while grabbing a drink at the snacks table? Curious minds here. Anyway, if you ask us, this all seems fairly normal — and dare we say healthy — in terms of allowing a natural progression of feelings and getting to know one other. So much so, that a fan asked Cook for some dating advice for couples who share a large age gap. His response? According to People, the comic quipped, "The only thing you have to do is plan that your deaths will be somewhat far apart."

What does Kelsi Taylor do for a living?

We know that Dane Cook has his roots firmly planted in comedy and onscreen work, but what does his girlfriend, Kelsi Taylor, do for a living? It turns out, she's involved in showbiz herself. After the couple first got together, Cook took to Instagram in April 2017 to tell the world, "My girl @itskelsitaylor is one of my favorite people on the planet. She's a talented singer but more importantly she's a genuine person. Check out her music and get to know her. She's gonna go far!" 

Indeed, Taylor released an EP called Fear of Yourself in 2018, and thanked her man for his support on Instagram, writing in part, "Thanks to ... @danecook for always believing in me and loving me through it all. So grateful you're a part of my journey." Taylor, who's described her music as both "Indie/Alternative/Soul" and "singer-songwriter/indie-pop with a touch of folk" (via Metro), has also uploaded videos of herself singing covers on YouTube, including this rendition of "Don't Watch Me Cry" by Jorja Smith.

In addition to her musical — and acting – endeavors, Taylor became a certified Pilates instructor in 2020, and was also working toward her nutrition certification at the time. Not to mention, she has a Patreon page for people to sign up to take her workout classes. Taylor also never shies away from promoting her fitness game on Instagram, with videos of her personalized exercise regimes and snapshots of herself and Cook posing in their workout gear.

Dane Cook isn't shy about sharing his affections for his girlfriend with the world

How does that old saying go? Something about how your relationship doesn't truly exist until you acknowledge it in the presence of others. Upon the invention of social media, that doesn't seem to be a hard task nowadays — and comedian Dane Cook definitely hasn't been shy about making it clear that he's very fond of his younger girlfriend, Kelsi Taylor, whom he actually referred to as "simply a gift" on Instagram in January 2018.

The comic also called Taylor "the prettiest girl in the whole wide world" while captioning a snapshot of the two on a hike in October 2019. The following April, Cook shared a short video of the couple kissing, stating that there was "no one [he'd] rather be stuck with" while quarantining during the coronavirus pandemic. During his aforementioned Q&A session on Instagram Stories, Cook gushed over Taylor in a self-deprecating post, telling fans (via People), "Kelsi is smart, kind, creative, loyal & honest. As for me, I think Kelsi would [say] I'm tolerable. Lol."

Of course, Taylor has also had some pretty sweet things to say about her famous boyfriend. In addition to making her laugh (obvs), she told fans during her Instagram Stories Q&A (via Metro) that "more importantly he has the sweetest, kindest heart and the most creative mind!" Is there also a saying about couples who constantly take to social media to praise their significant other? Maybe there should be.

This is reportedly Dane Cook's 'most serious relationship' yet

Dane Cook has been romantically linked to many starlets over the years, with his Employee of the Month co-star, Jessica Simpson, being one of them in the mid-2000s. Though, they may not be on the best of terms post-relationship: during his 2014 appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the comedian was asked to think back on "the dumbest thing" Simpson ever said to him, leading Cook to share with a laugh (via the Daily Mail), "She said one day, 'Are we making a movie?' That was kind of dumb." Ouch. Beyond that, tabloids have also linked the comic to dancer-actor Julianne Hough and his Good Luck Chuck co-star, Jessica Alba

According to a source cited by Us Weekly though, Cook's relationship with Kelsi Taylor is no mere celeb fling. "Dane is so in love with Kelsi," the insider said, adding that this is "definitely the most serious relationship he's had so far." Even though Cook has expressed in the past that he's not looking to get married, the source revealed that things are different with Taylor, as he already reportedly "treats her as though she's his wife." 

Some time after the couple confirmed their relationship, Cook posted a sweet selfie of the two on Instagram with the joking caption, "Clearly this isn't working for us." Even though his trademark sarcasm is still there, Taylor seems to have brought out Cook's more serious and committed side — and the funnyman's not afraid to show it!

Kelsi Taylor swears that they actually 'balance each other' out

Sometimes when it comes to romantic relationships, opposites really do attract, and we'll often find the most mismatched of couples in and out of showbiz. And sure, some people might use that sentiment as an excuse to date others who are totally wrong for them – but to each their own though, right? 

For his part, Dane Cook has been known to be extroverted, outspoken, and oftentimes raunchy and controversial in his comedic endeavors — which sometimes gets him into trouble. The AV Club once referred to a surprise stand-up set at the Laugh Factory as "the egotistical ramblings of a narcissist" ... and that's not exactly the most positive review in the world. But when his admittedly more introverted girlfriend, Kelsi Taylor, took to her YouTube channel with a "15 FACTS! GET TO KNOW ME!" Q&A video in May 2019, she stated that the two definitely "balance each other" nicely. The Nevada native even went so far as to jokingly describe herself as a "70-year-old" woman on the inside, while her comedian boyfriend has "way more energy."

A source cited by E! spoke of a trip the couple took to Maui in early 2018 and claimed that Cook and Taylor do so well in their relationship because "they are light hearted and playful together," and simply "make each other laugh." Perhaps sharing that balance and always finding time for a little bit of silliness are the keys to romantic bliss? Let's all make a note.

Dane Cook and his much younger girlfriend are totally inseparable

Have you ever come across one of those couples who seem to be completely inseparable and almost want to rub people's noses in it? That would be Dane Cook and his much younger girlfriend, Kelsi Taylor. Or so it seems, anyway. If you go to either of their Instagram pages, it's like an obvious display to the world that these two are totally in it together and rarely leave each other's sides.

In October 2019, for example, Cook posted a photo of him and Taylor together backstage during his Tell It Like It Is stand-up tour, which shows that they travel together even when he has to work. Further proving that she's a super supportive girlfriend, Just Jared spotted Taylor and Cook walking hand-in-hand when the comedian made a TV appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that February. Cook has also posted many vacation photos featuring the couple on Instagram, such as this slightly racy one, where Taylor is literally on top of him while the two lay in the sand on a Hawaiian beach. 

For her part, Taylor once shared a loved-up selfie of the duo out on a hike, with the sweet caption, "When someone else's happiness is your happiness, that is love." Considering all the photographic evidence here, it could be said that if either of them goes somewhere — anywhere, really — the other is usually not far behind.

Dane Cook claims he's 'dated some very empowered women'

Considering his sometimes controversial comedic output, one might think the words "empowered women" and Dane Cook don't belong in the same sentence, but here we are. Jezebel once listed the so-called "horrible things" Cook said about women during that aforementioned Laugh Factory gig, while the Daily Beast called him a "washed-up comedian" who "spend[s] his time making misogynistic, distasteful jokes ... whenever he does perform at a venue." Ouch. Cook even discussed with ET Canada whether or not his 2007 joke about "Karen" (a.k.a. "the friend nobody likes") is responsible for the now infamous "Karen" meme, which paints women of a certain age and attitude in a not-so-pleasant light. 

However, during a 2014 interview with HuffPost Live, Cook claimed that any notion about him having "misogynistic feelings toward women" is a total "joke," because "[he's] dated some very empowered women." So, is Kelsi Taylor included in that list? 

Even though there's the glaring 26-year age difference between the two, Taylor did move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music at a young age, which shows real motivation and dedication. In addition to being a certified Pilates instructor who's all about promoting her workouts on Instagram to gain traction, she's also something of an influencer, considering how ads and partnerships pop up on her Instagram frequently. Both moves could be considered entrepreneurial and resourceful. Even if you leave Cook out of the equation, the signs do point to Taylor being one empowered woman in her own right.

They both have support and blessings from their families

When there's such a massive age difference between a couple, with one half being a famed raunchy comedian while the other was just a teenager when this relationship began, it can be easy to see how Kelsi Taylor's family might have needed some time to get used to the idea of her dating Dane Cook. But on the contrary, Cook told his followers in a 2018 Instagram Stories Q&A session (via People) that "both families approve of their relationship." 

Cook also divulged that he actually "loves her family," adding, "We are pretty close and do dinner and hang." It appears that a similar camaraderie runs in Cook's family, as he previously spoke to People in 2008 about the closeness he experienced with his five sisters growing up — that's a lot of "estrogen running through my veins," he joked, before noting how he learned about women from his sisters' dating experiences and called himself a "hopeless romantic." In his Q&A session, Cook wrote, "My family pretty much all died years ago but @courtneycook my sister like Kelsi a lot."

As for Taylor, she also loves Cook's photographer sister, Courtney, and the trio are known to hang out together. In 2019, Taylor shared on Instagram that the couple spent Thanksgiving with "most of [her] fam," while enjoying a traditional dinner with all the fixings. Spending quality time together seems to further signal that the support from both families is present and accounted for as far as Cook and Taylor's relationship is concerned.

Dane Cook and Kelsi Taylor's relationship 'found a lot of growth' during quarantine

Dane Cook and his younger girlfriend, Kelsi Taylor, aren't shy about sharing some Hollywood-level PDA — such as making out in a pool at some tropical location — but they also do totally normal couple things. In 2019, Cook revealed on Instagram that they've made some "amazing memories" together, but have also "[binge-watched] every season of Game of Thrones." Taylor also divulged that they like to unplug on the weekends by "go[ing] for car rides and do[ing their] own version of carpool karaoke." 

Just like every other couple you scroll past on social media, these two are all about their selfies. Whether it's a photo of the cuddly duo masking it up alongside a "loving you is easy" caption or sporting workout gear on a hike in Los Angeles, Cook and Taylor share all the fun and exciting things they do together, as well as the more mundane and boring — especially during quarantine.

As it turns out, the coronavirus pandemic has only made this couple stronger. During a November 2020 appearance on the On the List with Brett Gursky podcast, Cook revealed (via Us Weekly), "I've been fortunate because I'm in a really healthy relationship with somebody, both physically healthy and the relationship itself." Explaining that they share a "mutual understanding" when it comes to being independent, he said that their romance "actually found a lot of growth" because "we worked on all the stuff that you should be working on."