How Much Money Scott Peterson's Mistress Amber Frey Is Worth Today

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Amber Frey's life turned upside down in 2003 when she came forward to reveal her connection in the case of missing pregnant woman and mother Laci Peterson. She went from being an unknown massage therapist to the notorious "other woman." And even though that fame was undoubtedly unwanted, it eventually gave Frey an opportunity to build up a rather impressive net worth.

Scott Peterson, Laci's husband, quickly became a suspect in his wife's Christmas Eve 2002 disappearance. Frey stepped up a month after the disappearance to alert authorities that she had been in a romantic relationship with the prime suspect in the case. The affair had been brief, as the two had met the previous November, but it ultimately had a major impact on everybody involved (via Rolling Stone).

Frey met Peterson through a friend. Frey initially thought he was single, and discovering otherwise led to her realization that she had been pulled into a potentially messy criminal case, according to Rolling Stone. Frey agreed to work with the police and recorded conversations that helped break the case. Testifying at the trial led to more headlines for Frey, and she eventually detailed her experiences in a book titled Witness: For the Prosecution of Scott Peterson.

Amber Frey's book deal elevated her net worth

That book was seemingly successful enough to elevate Amber Frey's net worth to about $400,000 (via Celebrity Net Worth). The success of her book came at a cost though. After the initial release, Frey was slated to write another book about her brief relationship with the convicted killer as well as a screenplay developed from the first. However, that fell apart, and author Robert Reynosa initiated a lawsuit against Frey for $250,000 over crediting issues they had encountered on the projects (via The Mercury News).

In the time since she gained all of her notoriety, Frey has seemingly tried to live a fairly quiet life. Years after Laci Peterson's murder and the subsequent trial, Frey detailed to Inside Edition that she was frequently recognized by people, even when she wore glasses and a hat. She typically doesn't post on her Instagram account very often, but what she does share seems to reinforce her desire to have peace and tranquility in her life after the notoriety she briefly had all those years ago.