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Ripon College
The Bachelor Franchise, Reality Television, Celebrity Buzz
  • Stacy started watching reality television long before most other people, and considers MTV's "The Real World" to be the true first reality show in the U.S.
  • Long before professionally writing about "The Bachelor" franchise, and before spoilers were readily available, Stacy won her office pool on pinning down the winner of Andrew Firestone's final rose recipient in season 3.
  • Shortly after Bob Guiney was named "The Bachelor," Stacy ran into him at an appearance in San Francisco, while she was there on a business trip. She still has the photo she had taken with him somewhere.


Stacy Carey worked in direct mail marketing for nine years before choosing to leave the corporate world for self-employment. She started freelance writing in 2009 and was thrilled to shift from business-related topics to celebrity-driven content shortly after she began writing full-time. Stacy is a writer who specializes in entertainment topics, and covers the gamut from reality television, to soap operas, to celebrity real-life happenings. Whether it is digging for spoilers, analyzing a famous couple's breakup, or retaining random celebrity knowledge, she can frequently rattle off more background on a sizzling-hot celebrity situation than you perhaps wanted to know. Stacy has written for numerous entertainment websites, including several years at both Examiner and Inquisitr. She joined Nicki Swift in March 2021.


Stacy graduated cum laude from Ripon College with a bachelor's degree in history and elementary education.
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