Stacy Carey

Rochester, MN
Ripon College
Reality TV, TV, Celebrities, Crime
  • Stacy is a full-time freelance writer who focuses on celebrity news and reality television tidbits.
  • She has previously written for sites such as Inquisitr and Examiner.
  • Her writing has been the go-to content for enthusiastic fan bases of many popular television shows.


Stacy has worked as a full-time freelance writer for more than a decade. She has written extensively on reality television and soap operas, and she loves to dig into fascinating crime stories as well. Stacy joined Nicki Swift in 2021 with a passion for writing all things notable about the entertainment world. She is always good for some juicy reality television spoilers and loves to dig deep into the details of the latest hot crime scenarios too.


Stacy earned a bachelor's degree in history and elementary education from Ripon College in Ripon, Wisconsin. This small, liberal arts college in the middle of Wisconsin prepared her well for a career in writing with plenty of opportunities for deep research and a lot of lengthy papers.
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