Dr. Oz Just Left His Staff In A Huge Lurch

Dr. Mehmet Oz walked away from his long-running television show in late 2021 in order to focus on a potential political career. It turns out, this decision reportedly left many of his staffers in a tough spot. Oz, a cardiothoracic surgeon, rose to television fame when Oprah Winfrey brought him on her show dozens of times during its run. His popularity as a health expert on Winfrey's daytime show paved the way for him to get his own show, and The Hollywood Reporter noted that  "The Dr. Oz Show" launched in September 2009.

The show had been renewed for its 14th season when the doctor and television personality decided to go in a different direction with his professional life. He announced his decision to run for an open 2022 Senate seat in Pennsylvania, and it did not take long for this to impact "The Dr. Oz" show.

Soon after Oz announced his candidacy, numerous television stations pulled the show from their schedules, detailed Page Six. This was due to the equal-time rule set by the Federal Communications Commission, which would require stations to provide equal time to Oz's opponents if they requested it. In December 2021, soon after the physician's political announcement, the official cancellation of Oz's series was announced. Apparently, that decision blindsided many staff members who had been with Oz for years.

Staffers reportedly felt Dr. Oz's decision was 'abrupt'

Dr. Mehmet Oz's Senate campaign shocked the "The Dr. Oz Show" staffers, according to Page Six. "It was abrupt. No one had a clue. There was supposed to be another season," one source told the outlet. The move reportedly left many staffers struggling with depression as they scrambled to land new jobs. To make matters worse, they were allegedly left with "No health benefits after working for America's doctor for 13 years," and a source claimed there were no severance packages provided at all. Loyal staffers "stayed with him for a long time and now everyone is f**ked," the source explained.

Oz rather abruptly shifted focus on social media, as he ended his show and turned his attention to politics. On December 29, 2021, he shared a segment from "The Dr. Oz Show" on Instagram. His next post, on January 17 with essentially no transition, was hype for "The Good Dish," which starred his daughter, Daphne Oz, and took over his time slot. Some staffers moved from "The Dr. Oz Show" to "The Good Dish," and many producers reportedly "worked overtime, killing themselves" to get it up and running.

Unfortunately, those staffers were dealt another blow when Daphne's show was canceled less than two months after its debut, per Deadline. A representative for the physician and political candidate did not provide Page Six with a response to the staffer claims. A source close to him, however, insisted the allegations were "completely dishonest."