Why Chrissy Metz Felt 'Physically Ill' Filming Emotional Scenes From This Is Us

Fans of "This Is Us" know to expect a rocky ride as Season 6 inches toward the series' grand finale. Thanks to a flash-forward at the end of Season 5, viewers knew heading into these episodes that Kate Pearson and Toby Damon would split. However, they did not know exactly how it happened. Actor Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate, opened up about some upcoming tough scenes involving her character and she admitted she actually got "physically ill" in the process.

Metz experienced "waves" of emotions while filming her powerful Season 6 "This Is Us" scenes, she previously told People. She explained that she hoped to "really enjoy and relish the moments that I do have as opposed to just crying through them," but new teasers reveal that wasn't always possible. In fact, it seems Episode 9 was written to be an especially difficult one for Kate and Toby fans. Chris Sullivan, who portrays Toby, explained viewers will see "compassion and love" woven into the upcoming split (per E! News' "Daily Pop"). Metz noted fans will see themselves "in both Kate and Toby," and Sullivan promised the split "is no one's fault. And it is everyone's fault."

The complexity of the emotions in these scenes apparently took something of a toll on Metz.

Chrissy Metz struggled filming the split scenes for Kate and Toby

Chrissy Metz (aka Kate Pearson) and Chris Sullivan (aka Toby Damon) spoke with E! News' "Daily Pop" about the powerful episode titled "The Hill." Metz co-wrote this one, and it focuses on the final implosion of Kate and Toby's marriage. "We're starting to see the unraveling of their relationship," Metz detailed. The "This Is Us" star admitted, "This is one of the hardest episodes that I've ever shot." At times during filming, they were so difficult and emotional she told her co-star, "Chris, I'm, like, physically ill."

Metz shared a preview for "The Hill" on Twitter, and it showed Kate telling Toby she'd like to visit him in San Francisco for the weekend. Toby shocked Kate by moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco for a job, and the decision created additional cracks in their already strained marriage. "It's overwhelming living in two cities," she told her husband, and it appears they have fun sightseeing there together.

Despite the fact Kate and Toby share some great moments together during this weekend, they'll have an emotional conversation as well. "I have a full life that I could have never dreamed," she tells Toby in the preview, adding, "but I miss the old Toby." How does Kate go from this difficult split with Toby to eventually marry Phillip, her colleague and the music teacher at her son's school? Answers are coming, and "This Is Us" fans are bracing themselves for a wild ride.