Martha Stewart Is In Mourning After Tragic Accident

Martha Stewart has been the queen of cooking, entertaining, and home décor for years, seemingly always having her life under control. Even when she faced a five-month stint in jail in 2004 over a stock sale, per NBC News, the popular television personality tackled adversity in style. Yet, while it might seem as if Stewart never misses a beat, a shocking accident that happened on her New York farm left her feeling heartbroken.

Stewart posts to her Instagram page frequently, keeping her 1.6 million followers up to speed on her latest projects and achievements. She highlights many of her day-to-day activities, often showing her followers that even her ordinary life is filled with glamour. As she noted in a January blog post, she spends a lot of time at her Bedford, New York farm, where she has nearly 20 peacocks. A couple of Instagram posts she shared on April 3 showed her taking a ride in a refurbished horse carriage with two new horses. She asked her followers to "please excuse the noisy Peacocks!!" noting it's their mating season. Indeed, some peacock squawking could be heard somewhat in the distance. This may be a relatively regular day in Stewart's world, but it's fascinating for others who would never have such an opportunity. 

In fact, Stewart's life may seem incredibly majestic, but another post on April 3 showed she can be hit with heartbreak just like anybody else.

Martha Stewart's beloved cat died in a shocking accident

While Martha Stewart's spring Sunday at her farm may have started out in a typical way for her, an evening Instagram post on April 3 told another story. Sadly, her cat Princess Peony had been killed. The loss was made all the more tragic as it was Stewart's four dogs who killed the feline, apparently thinking she was an unwanted visitor. Stewart described Princess Peony as "beautiful and unusual" as she explained the dogs had "killed her defenseless little self." Several farm staffers dug a grave for Princess Peony, and a photograph of that moment was what Stewart shared in her initial post about the tragic accident.

Stewart also shared a photo of her beloved Princess Peony from better times. As Stewart shared on her blog in October 2009, Princess Peony and her sister Empress Tang joined her home when they were just four months old. The dominant calico Persians quickly acclimated to their new home, which was already filled with cats, dogs, and a variety of other animals Stewart owned. The pair made frequent appearances on Stewart's blog and in other projects, and Stewart once described Princess Peony as a cat who was "very affectionate, and loves being swaddled, held, and petted." By all accounts, Princess Peony lived a long, good life on Stewart's farm in New York. Even so, her tragic death was still a shocking and heartbreaking one for the popular entertainment personality.