Christine Brown Proves She's Living Her Best Life Without Kody

"Sister Wives" star Christine Brown isn't sitting at home and wallowing in grief over the end of her marriage to former husband Kody Brown. Throughout Season 16, fans of the family and their TLC show watched as Christine's marriage to Kody imploded and she made the decision to walk away. An official announcement about the split was made, and she seemingly hasn't looked back. In fact, it appears she is now living her best life and embracing every moment of it.

As "Sister Wives" viewers saw in Season 16, Christine and her kids approached the coronavirus pandemic with a different mindset than Kody did. This became a sore subject between Christine and Kody, and the topic also seemed to expose other significant cracks in the marriage they had perhaps avoided acknowledging previously.

Christine took to Instagram on November 2, 2021 to announce her decision to leave Kody, publicly revealing her split before it aired on "Sister Wives." She acknowledged, "After more than 25 years together, Kody and I have grown apart." She added, "I have made the difficult decision to leave." The decision to leave may have been a tough one, but it appears Christine has settled into being on her own quite nicely.

Christine Brown embraces a family vacation

On March 14, Christine Brown shared a fun pair of photos on her Instagram page. "Loving this vacation!" the "Sister Wives" star wrote in the caption. The first photo showed Christine standing with a group at Disney, and the outing included daughters Truely and Ysabel, as well as "Sister Wives" star Janelle Brown's daughter Savanah. Christine wore a pair of Maleficent ears, which she noted Truely bought her, and she said she had been wanting them for years. She added hashtags of "blessed," "mom life," and "vacation" to her caption, and she appeared to be having a blast.

The Instagram post quickly garnered thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. "No drama looks sooo good on you!!" one fan noted, a sentiment that seemed a popular one throughout the comment section. "I am absolutely loving that glow you're sporting these days," added another fan, writing, "All of the pics since your divorce show how much leaving that heavy baggage behind has done wonders for your soul."

When she's not vacationing, Christine has been delighting fans with her TLC digital series "Cooking with Just Christine," promoting her side gigs, and spending time with family. Her Instagram page signals she's still close with Janelle, and as "Sister Wives" fans pointed out, she looks happier than ever with no signs of regret over her life-changing decision.