Here's How Much Ethan Hawke Is Really Worth

Actor, producer, director, and author Ethan Hawke is an icon both on stage and on screen. After breaking onto the scene in 1985, Hawke has starred in a slew of classic films including Dead Poets Society, Reality Bites, and the Before Sunrise trilogy, per IMDbAfter decades in the film industry, how much is Hawke worth today? 

Hawke has won a series of awards for plays, movies, and TV. The Academy Award-nominated star already has six projects slated for 2021, and he was critically-acclaimed for his turn in The Good Lord Bird screen adaptation. As for his personal life, Hawke has two children with ex-wife Uma Thurman, and is currently married to former nanny Ryan Shawhughes, according to HuffPostHawke has encouraged his daughter Maya Hawke's burgeoning career and continues to captivate audiences in his various projects alongside her. 

The Boyhood star certainly has worked hard for his fortune. So how much is Hawke worth? Keep scrolling to find out!

Ethan Hawke is worth way more than you think

Ethan Hawke's modest New York City lifestyle makes his estimated net worth even more surprising. Hawke has always joked about how his passion for the arts and self-funded projects have hurt his bank account. 

"My dentist makes more money than I do," Hawke quipped to AZ Central. "But [people] think because you were in a movie that that somehow equates to red carpets and limousines. And you know, sometimes it does. But there's usually only a handful of people at any one given time that can really express themselves creatively and make money."

Hawke was raised "in a household that didn't put a real high value on financial wealth," according to his interview with The Irish Times"I've always thought of having a lot of money as a bit embarrassing." 

Hawke's personal wealth today certainly might make him blush: per Celebrity Net WorthHawke is reportedly worth $55 million. The True West star should be proud of his accomplishments!