A Timeline Of Alex Rodriguez's Girlfriends Explained

Alex Rodriguez is undoubtedly one of the best baseball players to ever play the game, as well as one of the most popular and familiar. From 1994 to his retirement in 2016, he dominated Major League Baseball with his hitting prowess and fielding skill. A three-time American League Most Valuable Player and 14-time All-Star, "A-Rod" was an all-time great for the Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers, and, especially, the New York Yankees.

But Rodriguez's name and fame transcend sports — even people who don't follow or even actively dislike America's greatest pastime know exactly who he is. That's probably because he's been one-half of a number of high-profile romances that have graced gossip blogs, tabloids, and even the high society page. We bring you the romantic saga of Alex Rodriguez with all of his major pairings, marriages, dalliances, and entanglements accounted for, from when he first became known for celebrity reasons (not just his athletic skills) and all the way up to the present day.

Alex Rodriguez was a family man with Cynthia Scurtis

In 1998, Alex Rodriguez was 23 years old, and he'd been a star for the Seattle Mariners for about four years. While working out at the Body and Soul gym in Coconut Grove, Fla., per the New York Post, he met Cynthia Scurtis, a holder of a master's degree in psychology who at the time was a pretrial counselor who worked to prevent criminal recidivism. At first, the two were very close friends, before things rapidly turned romantic.

"I scouted her out for a month," Rodriguez later admitted (via ESPN), before "build[ing] enough courage" to join Scurtis in her routine abs workout. For her part, Scurtis initially thought his baseball career was more of a "nice hobby" than his actual job, recalling, "I didn't grow up in a sports-oriented family. So, I wasn't aware that you could have an entire livelihood off of a sport."

Their relationship was a long-distance love affair for years, on account of how Rodriguez traveled for work. But on Scurtis' 30th birthday, the ballplayer proposed, and they were married in November 2002. Their first child, daughter Natasha, was born two years later, and daughter Ella followed in 2008. However, two months after the birth of baby No. 2, according to People, Cynthia Rodriguez filed for divorce. The inciting incident? Alex Rodriguez allegedly carried on what his estranged wife referred to as "an affair of the heart" with another woman. (More on this below.)

This former baseball star might have dated Madonna

It was never confirmed and has been frequently denied, but baseball's brightest may have had a fling with one of music's most enduring legends. In 2008, per the New York Daily News, Alex Rodriguez was spotted at a Madonna concert, and Madge herself was seen attending a New York Yankees game when Rodriguez was in the lineup. He also reportedly made some late-at-night appearances in the vicinity of Madonna's New York home, including just after Rodriguez's wife, Cynthia, gave birth to their second child together.

This purported dalliance, according to People, is what supposedly led Cynthia Rodriguez, née Scurtis, to dump her husband. "A wife with two young children can only take so much," a family member claimed. After that news broke, Madonna told People that no affair had occurred: "I know Alex Rodriguez through Guy Oseary, who manages both of us. I am not romantically involved in any way with Alex Rodriguez. I have nothing to do with the state of his marriage."

The next day, per People, Cynthia filed for divorce. Her attorney, Earle Lilly, suggested that one cause was that A-Rod allegedly emotionally stepped out on his wife. "The correct analysis is a relationship," Lilly said. "Some people categorize an affair as something as sexual infidelity. We're not claiming that. It's an affair of the heart." Madonna, however, wasn't explicitly named in the filing.

Alex Rodriguez became momentarily enchanted with Melissa Britos

Amid persistent rumors that he was still dating Madonna, Alex Rodriguez spent Valentine's Day 2009, according to NBC Washington, with a different woman: Melissa Britos, a model whose specialty is bridal wear and fancy white gowns for wedding websites and publications like Bridal Fashion. The two reportedly lived it up in Miami Beach, eating dinner at a fancy report while being photographed close up by paparazzi. 

The site of the date, a restaurant at the high-end and beachside Fontainebleau resort, was reportedly a sentimental choice, as that's where Rodriguez and Britos had met about three months earlier, not so long after the end of his marriage to Cynthia Rodriguez, his wife of five years. As reported by The Hollywood Gossip, the pair came in contact at the opening of the resort, and A-Rod supposedly "became obsessed with" Britos, according to a friend of the model's, who added, "He sent her at least a dozen text messages, asking her to spend time with him."

The alleged couple weren't spotted much after that Valentine's Day, and both Rodriguez and Britos eventually moved on to other romantic partners.

A-Rod took Bethenny Frankel out on a couple of dates

When The Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel guested on an episode of Watch What Happens Live in 2017, host Andy Cohen relayed a question from a viewer, who wanted to know if it would be uncomfortable for her to serve as a guest judge on Shark Tank with retired baseball great Alex Rodriguez — on account of how they used to date. The shrieks of surprise from the live audience indicated that the fact these two famous people dated was not well-known, public information. 

However, Frankel quickly diffused the situation, admitting that she and Rodriguez weren't exactly going steady. "I was out with him twice. I went out with him on two dates," she said of their brief time together, which, according to People, happened around 2009. In answering Cohen's question on whether or not A-Rod is a good kisser, Frankel replied, "I don't honestly remember." (That probably means "no," or at the very least, that the dates never got that physical.)

Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson had a brief but heavily-publicized romance

The opening party for the Fontainebleau resort in Miami in November 2008 was very much romantically productive for Alex Rodriguez. Not only did he meet model and alleged short-lived flame Melissa Britos that evening, he also met and hit it off with movie star Kate Hudson — and all while he was reportedly still quietly linked to Madonna. 

According to the New York Daily News, Madonna sent her friend, Ingrid Casares, to platonically escort Rodriguez to the shindig. They wound up hanging out with Hudson, who reportedly heavily flirted with the baseball star. "Hudson had her arms completely wrapped around A-Rod's wait and every time he leaned over to talk to anyone she would pull him back toward her," a witness claimed.

Months later, when the 2009 baseball season started, Hudson started showing up to watch Rodriguez play in games in both Los Angeles and New York, according to InStyleLater that year, Hudson downplayed the seriousness of the relationship to Harper's Bazaar, saying, "I have a child, and there are people involved, and it's unfair to talk about somebody else, especially when you're not in that place yet to be discussing those things." Indeed, by the end of 2009, Rodriguez and Hudson were through. A source cited by Us Weekly claimed that Rodriguez resented Hudson for allegedly trying to get herself photographed when attending his games: "Alex wanted someone who was more interested in building a long-term relationship than just building their profile."

The MLB alum spent a couple of Super Bowls with Cameron Diaz

Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz were first romantically linked in February 2010. According to Life & Style (via Digital Spy), they met at a Super Bowl party held by the Creative Artists Agency. This was right around the time that OK! magazine (via Digital Spy) reported that they were seen dirty dancing at a star-studded Miami event. More than a year later, in May 2011, Diaz finally confirmed the relationship to Elle

"Alex is my boyfriend. It's not a secret anymore," she said. That just proved what the world already knew, as earlier in 2011, Fox's TV cameras caught Diaz in a luxury box at the Super Bowl popping popcorn kernels into Rodriguez's mouth. According to InStyle, the romance didn't last longer after Diaz admitted that it was happening. After some sources reported that they broke up in June 2011, they ended things for real three months later. 

Of the reportedly amicable and mutual split, a source cited by People said, "They're still close friends and will continue to be close friends. They have considerable respect for each other."

A-Rod and Torrie Wilson were together for three years

Alex Rodriguez had a lot in common with Torrie Wilson. As a professional female wrestler, officially designated a "WWE Diva" as part of the grappling promotion's women's division, Wilson was a popular, photogenic athlete operating the top of her physical abilities, just like Rodriguez. People reported that Rodriguez and Wilson were spotted all over North America together over the 2011-2012 winter holiday season, including in Mexico, Miami, and Boise, Idaho — which is Wilson's hometown. (The couple were also seen working out in the same gym.) 

They unofficially went public in early January 2012, when cameras caught them kissing each other hard at a Los Angeles Lakers game. According to E!, the pair were solid and steady for a long time, right up until the very end of 2014, when they broke up after three years together. "They're still friends and they still support each other," a source close to the couple said.

Alex Rodriguez and Anne Wojcicki were a couple for about a year

Alex Rodriguez doesn't only have eyes for movie stars, famous singers, and other members of the entertainment class — for the better part of a year, he dated a scientist and entrepreneur whose work captivated the nation. According to The New York Times, Anne Wójcicki is a medical researcher and a co-founder of 23andMe, the company that offers home DNA test kits that can lead to consumers discovering health issues and uncovering their family ancestry. In 2021, 23andMe went public with an IPO of $3.5 billion, per Forbes (which is 10 times Alex Rodriguez's substantial $350 million portfolio, according to Celebrity Net Worth).

Set up by mutual friends in 2015, per The New York Times, Wójcicki took an interest in Rodriguez, whom she didn't know was a world-class baseball player. However, Wójcicki's mother, Esther, didn't think the relationship was one for the ages. "I liked A-Rod, he was a very nice man," she said. "... Right away I figured out this was a mismatch. He had no academic background. We couldn't have an intellectual conversation about anything." 

According to Page Six, A-Rod and Wójcicki reportedly struggled to find much in common and broke up after less than a year of dating.

The former baseball star almost married Jennifer Lopez

According to Sports Illustrated, Alex Rodriguez met Jennifer Lopez — international movie star, pop singer, perfume tycoon, and former In Living Color "Fly Girl" — at work. In a stadium tunnel at a baseball game, they felt an immediate connection. "We shook hands, and it was this weird electricity," Lopez said. Both were presently married, but when they met again by chance at an event in Beverly Hills in 2017, they were single and free to pursue that electricity. Things escalated quickly, and during a March 2019 vacation to the Bahamas, Rodriguez and Lopez got engaged and announced the happy news via dual Instagram posts.

According to Us Weekly, the two hadn't set a date by early 2020 and pushed it back because of Lopez's busy schedule. Meanwhile, a summer 2020 wedding date came and went, delayed due to coronavirus-related shutdowns. In March 2021, according to Page Six, Rodriguez and Lopez reportedly called off the wedding altogether and had broken up — although, later in the week, the two released a statement (via E!), calling the Splitsville rumors "inaccurate" and announcing that they were still together and were simply "working through some things."

Days after A-Rod denied being single in a paparazzi video obtained by TMZ, he flew from Miami to the Dominican Republic to visit J. Lo, where she was working on the set of Shotgun Wedding. According to a source cited by People, "They are really trying to figure things out. It was a happy reunion."

Is there a new lady on the block for Alex Rodriguez?

Was there a third party involved with the relationship tumult of Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez? According to Page Six, Shep Rose of Bravo's Southern Charm called in to his network boss' SiriusXm show, Andy Cohen Live, in March 2021, and confessed to how he initially heard that his co-star, Madison LeCroy, supposedly had something going on with Rodriguez. While filming at Capers Island in South Carolina, Rose claimed that LeCroy said on-camera, "Well, I'm DMing with A-Rod, but we can't talk about that. Or, they can't air this, because I signed an NDA." 

That footage wasn't used on Southern Charm, but cast member Craig Conover had discussed LeCroy's alleged relationship with the still-attached Rodriguez on a reunion special — with the name of the man in question bleeped out by producers. For her part, LeCroy previously told Page Six that the edited name was "Alex Rodriguez," but added that they'd "never been physical" and had only spoken on the phone. "He's never physically cheated on his fiancée with me," LeCroy explained. 

Meanwhile, a source close to Rodriguez told a different tale. "He doesn't know this woman," the insider claimed to the New York Post. "Look, does this mean he didn't DM her and liked a photo or two? I guess not, but he doesn't know her." Either way, if you ask another source cited by People, the Rodriguez-LeCroy reports "had no bearing on the rough patch [with Lopez] at all."