Pop My Pet Star Reveals The One Thing That Actually Made Her Gag - Exclusive

When Dr. Pimple Popper premiered, it was a public acknowledgment of a sick little fact we all know but definitely don't talk about at the dinner table: seeing puss explode from any kind of weird little nodule is immensely, grossly satisfying. Well, Discovery+ has just raised the bar on the public appetite for puss with Pop My Pet. Yep, this is exactly what it sounds like. Explosive, hour-long episodes of top veterinarians blowing all manner of cysts from their nasty little flesh pockets. And it's not just good boy's getting the good treatment — all animals are welcome. 

The star of the show is Miami-based veterinarian, Dr. Jackie Dueñas, who handles it all with good humor, compassion, and implacable calm. Dr. Dueñas takes on everything from poofy puppies to deadly alligators, as long as something engorged needs a good squeeze. That being said, we all have our breaking points. The doc sat down with Nicki Swift to talk about her sickeningly watchable reality show (which is available now to stream), and the one moldering corpuscle that tested even her limits.

The cyst that nearly made Dr. Jackie Dueñas lose her lunch

Perhaps the first thing to know about Dr. Jackie Dueñas is that she enjoys her work. "We all stand around and every time we cut, there's always a trajectory of where you think it goes, like the typical splash zone, and it always goes somewhere it's not meant to," she said laughing. And after she lances a particularly nasty nodule, she gives it a good touch too, "I do like to touch things after, with my gloves," she admitted to Nicki Swift.

That being said, these are also serious procedures. Dr. Dueñas said that odd lump on your pet's back can be "benign," a.k.a not really a big deal, or "malignant," in which case you're talking cancer. The stakes are high.

However, no matter the cyst-uation, they often contain infections that stink something awful. While Dr. Dueñas was pregnant with her son, she had a cat come in with an "anal gland abscess." That's two stinky holes joining forces. She explained, "It had literally abscessed and the anal glands are located near the rectum." Maybe you can imagine where this is going. "So we actually cut through it, everything comes out and it was just like five days of putrid, anal gland material ... I kept having to like, okay, I need to step out, take a breather. And, I was definitely retching, but no vomiting, fortunately."

As of March 1, 2021, Pop My Pet is streaming exclusively on Discovery+.