Gino Orlandini

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Gig Harbor, WA
University Of Washington
Movies, TV, Sports, Politics, Crime
  • Gino Orlandini is a writer for Nicki Swift.
  • He has previously written and or produced video content for Variety, Movieline, TVLine, Rolling Stone, and Hollywoodlife.
  • He also works as a freelance photographer and filmmaker and has shot celebrities all over the world.


Gino Orlandini is a writer, photographer, and videographer who has shot and interviewed celebs from Kim Kardashian to Jennifer Lopez to Jon Hamm. Starting as a film critic for Movieline, he now writes about movies, TV, sports, politics, and crime. He created a 3 million subscriber Youtube channel for Penske Media and has worked in entertainment/ celebrity media for a decade.


Gino Orlandini studied film and literature at the University of Washington, where he received a Bachelor of Arts.
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