Are Karl And Nicole From Temptation Island Still Together?

Temptation Island's first season saw plenty of twists and turns, and not all of the couples from the reality series are still together. Shari Ligons and Javen Butler, who originally seemed to be fighting more than the other couples, left the island together. And Evan Smith and Morgan Lolar, who got engaged after meeting on the show, have called things off. But there's surprising news from one of the other Season 1 couples! Karl Collins and Nicole Tutewohl went their separate ways in the season finale, but they've since found their way back to each other.

During the final bonfire of the reality series' first season, Karl wanted to leave with Nicole. But Nicole didn't feel the same way, and she was seen touring a new apartment after the final bonfire. "Being a single woman, there's a lot of things that I'm just focusing on for me," Nicole said on the show.

Since the March 2019 season finale, though, a lot has changed for the couple. Namely: They're back together again! Even though they broke up on the show, Karl and Nicole have realized they're each other's perfect match.

Karl and Nicole are back together and live in Chicago

Even when Karl Collins and Nicole Tutewohl were broken up, they both stayed in their hometown of Chicago. And after spending time apart, Karl and Nicole realized that being together was what they both wanted.

These days, Karl and Nicole are puppy parents to the adorable Kobe, a Shih poo. And with Temptation Island in its third season, Nicole has had some time to think about her own relationship and experience on the show. "After watching the Temptation Island Season 3 Premier last night, I am so glad Karl and I are on the other side of that experience. It was no doubt the hardest experience on our relationship," Nicole wrote in an Instagram post on Feb. 17, 2021. "However what I've grown to learn is that every relationship has their differences (and rarely does the world know the ins and outs of yours) but where can you 'water' or invest in your relationship so you continue to build and connect with one another!"

No relationship is perfect, and it sounds like Temptation Island helped Nicole see that, while also giving her newfound respect for the bond she and Karl have. They're happy now, and that's what matters, even if their relationship took a pit stop on a reality show.