What Kaci Campbell From Temptation Island Is Doing Now

Temptation Island is one of the more adventurous reality dating shows. The premise is that couples who feel stuck in their relationships give single life a try on the very sexy island of Maui. Some people leave with the same person they arrived with, according to USA Network, and their relationship is renewed and stronger than ever. Others leave with someone new while it's also entirely possible to leave the island alone.

With such an exciting premise, viewers get majorly invested in the on-screen dynamics. Whether it was Erin and Corey or Ashley and Rick, fans have seen all their struggles play out. One couple who certainly faced some struggles was Erica and Kendal because Kendal had his doubts about Erica, who felt "underappreciated." Kristen and Julian have also had their bumps along the way, including not one but two cheating scandals.

One love triangle that got us all curious was the relationship between Evan Smith and Morgan Lolar. Evan actually arrived on the island with his long-term girlfriend Kaci Campbell but he split from her to start a new relationship with Morgan. Kaci struggled with the breakup at the time, but what does she have to say about it now? And what's going on in her life? Keep reading after the jump.

Kaci Campbell is better than ever

How did Kaci Campbell feel about the fact that Evan Smith broke up with her to be with Morgan Lolar? On an episode six months later, Kaci said (via Newsweek), "At first [the breakup] was really hard, I was devastated. But it's such a blessing and I'm very glad he's gone ... He stole 10 years of my life, all of my twenties, and doesn't even feel bad about it."

Interestingly, though, things didn't work out for Evan with Morgan either. In April 2020, Morgan joined the Us Weekly podcast, Watch With Us, to describe how awful it was dating Evan. And who was by her side? Kaci. That's right. They became friends. Morgan claimed she supported Evan financially the whole time and as they were breaking up, Morgan reached out to Kaci, noting parallels in their breakup stories. The two women compared tales and wound up replacing a relationship with Evan for friendship.

As for the rest of Kaci's life, she moved out to Los Angeles and went brunette. Plus, she put her exposure on reality TV to good use. She has a huge following on Instagram, she has a Cameo account, where she makes videos, and she even has an OnlyFans account. On Twitter, Kaci tweeted: "I really have the most solid group of friends. The kind of friends that would be there at 3am no questions asked if you really needed them." Sounds like she's living her best life!