Joy-Anna Duggar Might Have Broken This Major Courtship Rule

Joy-Anna Duggar left the Duggar family nest when she was just 19 to marry Austin Forsyth, per Hello! magazine. Joy-Anna, one of the middle kids in the 19 Kids and Counting family, may have broken one of the major courtship rules before getting married. It's not hard to break one of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's major rules because there are so many of them, especially for the Duggar daughters.

The Sun reported some of Jim Bob Duggar's rules for his daughters: They can't read romance novels, they can't show legs or dress in a revealing manner, they can't wear pants; no front-facing hugs, and no sex before marriage.

A few more of Jim Bob's rules for his daughters include: No individual social media accounts, all dates must be chaperoned, parents monitor TV viewing, no tattoos or body piercings, no alcohol, and of course, no birth control.

But it appears that Joy-Anna may have broken one of the biggest rules set in place by her mom and dad. And it's not reading a romance novel.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth may have broken the biggest Duggar rule of all

Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband Austin Forsyth may have broken the biggest rule in Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's world. OK! Magazine and Radar Online reported that Joy-Anna married Austin months before their wedding date, and that the couple tied the knot early because she was pregnant. That is a harsh allegation for a member of the Duggar family, and there has not been any confirmation from the couple about the speculation.

Changing the date of their their wedding created a tsunami of gossip about the reality TV couple. In their defense, the couple had been crushing on each other since Joy-Anna was 13, per CafeMom, so maybe they just wanted to get married sooner.

The Counting On couple allegedly broke other rules before they were married, according to Radar Online. Austin "touched his girlfriend's hand while renovating a home even though couples are not allowed to hold hands until they are engaged," the site reported.

The outlet also reported that (gasp!) Joy-Anna gave Austin a full hug instead of the Duggar-approved "side hug" after he proposed. Joy-Anna's departure from her family home at a young age might have made her more independent from the parents. Keep scrolling to find out more about Joy-Anna and Austin.

Joy-Anna Duggar keeps it real

Joy-Anna Duggar keeps it real when she shares her life on social media. She was criticized when daughter Evelyn was caught on camera trying to eat rocks, according to CafeMom. The ninth Duggar child admits that her life isn't perfect and that "learning patience in parenting wasn't easy" for her.

Joy-Anna and her husband, Austin Forsyth, appear to take a more relaxed approach to raise their children. The Sun reported that Joy-Anna lets her toddler Gideon watch movies and TV shows, which was forbidden when she was a child. According to The Sun, during an Instagram Q&A with her 1 million followers, the Counting On star said she and Austin let Gideon and Evelyn watch children's shows — which is a big departure from Jim Bob Duggar's rules.

It looks like Joy-Anna and Austin are doing things their own way as parents and are leaving such strict commands behind.