Are Kady And John From Temptation Island Still Together?

It might seem like a given considering the show's name, but many couples don't make it through the Temptation Island experience with their relationships intact. Whether one partner finds a deeper relationship with one of the show's singles or they just realize they're better off single, there are a lot of uncouplings happening on the island. The show's first season was no exception, with three of the four couples leaving the island separately (though Karl and Nicole did get back together after the show).

Kady Cannon and John Thurmond, one of the Season 1 couples, were together for almost three years before the show. However, the tension in their relationship was clear from their early interviews, along with the fact that they were the only couple to block each other from dating one of the singles. There were also plenty of hurtful words between them, with Kady telling John at one point, "You make me not want to have kids."

Still, three years is a long time, and if Karl and Nicole could get back together, there was hope for the other Season 1 relationships, too. So, are Kady and John together now? Keep reading to find out where this Temptation Island couple couple is today.

Kady and John don't talk anymore

Bad news for fans of this Southern couple: John Thurmond and Kady Cannon are no longer in touch, at all. "We are not together, we don't talk," Kady said on The Sarah Scoop Show in April 2020. "With John, and with everything being televised and with social media, things just got really muddy, and I just had to cut off communication there."

But even though she and John decided to break up, Kady shared that she'd choose to go on the show again if she could do it over. She gained a lot of clarity through the Temptation Island process, learning about herself and what she wanted from a relationship. "I felt like [I] opened Pandora's Box of feelings that I never knew that I had and all this emotional baggage that was buried," Kady said.

Plus, Kady seems to be dating someone new. While most of her Instagram photos are of her alone or with friends, there's one post from September 2020 where she wrote in the caption that her new boyfriend, Nathan Schell, "has changed [her] life forever." Schnell also shared an Instagram photo of him with Kady in March 2021.

In addition to the new man in her life, Kady has started a marketing agency since leaving the show. You go, girl!

John and Katheryn aren't dating after 'Temptation Island'

Kady had good instinct when she blocked John from going on Temptation Island dates with single Katheryn Golden. The two grew close on the show (despite a lack of dates), and John told Kady during their breakup that he'd "made a connection with Katheryn" during their time on the island. John and Kady both left the island alone, but fans hoped that he and Katheryn might reconnect after the show. John visited Katheryn in Nashville,Tenn. at one point, but the two are just friends.

John's Instagram account is private, but a May 2019 post that Katheryn shared gives some insight into their relationship. She shared a Boomerang of her with John, writing in the caption, "No, we are not together. However, we remain close friends and will always care for and respect each other!"

John and Kady probably won't be getting back together, but their time on Temptation Island seemingly showed them what they want (and don't want) in relationships.