What Jennifer Lopez Allegedly Told Alex Rodriguez To Do

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's engagement was reported as over by Page Six in March 2021, but the couple quickly came forward to deny the report that they had split via a joint statement. According to TMZ, a source shared that J-Lo and A-Rod had a "bad" day, which the statement they released seemed to express. "All the reports are inaccurate. We are working through some things," the couple said, adding that there wasn't a "third party" involved. The extra information at the end seemed to be a response to the cheating allegations that have been following Rodriguez around. According to Us Weekly, it has been rumored that A-Rod has had a wandering eye focused on Madison LeCroy of Southern Charm fame.

Shortly after the break-up fiasco, Rodriguez flew to the Dominican Republic where Lopez has been filming her latest movie, Shotgun Wedding, according to People magazine. The two were able to spend some time together, which was much needed following the media frenzy. Fast forward a couple of weeks, and a new report suggests that Lopez had given Rodriguez some orders — allegedly. Read on to find out what she reportedly told him to do.

Jennifer Lopez allegedly told Alex Rodriguez to 'fix it'

A source told Fox News that Jennifer Lopez made a bit of a demand when it came to saving her relationship. She allegedly gave Alex Rodriguez "a test" to see if he "was really committed to the future of their relationship," the source explained. "Look, [she] is busy shooting a movie, so she couldn't go into damage control over headlines she had no hand in producing. So, she basically told Alex to 'fix it' and that's when we started seeing Alex out front in the public declaring that he was not single and was still with her," the source claimed.

The source went on to say that the paparazzi coincidentally caught up with Rodriguez shortly after the news of the split broke. A-Rod had been on his way to a gym in Florida, and was asked about his relationship status. While he wasn't exactly giving the photog the time of day, he did manage to get across that he was "not" single. It's unknown if this was enough for A-Rod to "fix it" as J-Lo reportedly requested, but it definitely helped calm the rumor mill down.