The Truth About Jay Hernandez's Wife

Jay Hernandez is an accomplished actor who has appeared in a wide range of projects throughout his decades-long career. He's starred in movies like A Bad Moms ChristmasCrazy/Beautiful, Friday Night Lights, and Suicide Squad, as well the TV shows Nashville and Scandal. In 2021, he's the leading man in Magnum P.I., CBS' modern take on the classic series centering on Thomas Magnum, first made famous by the legendary, moustache-sporting Tom Selleck. But did you know Hernandez's breakout TV role was in the '90s teen sitcom Hang Time? He played Antonio Lopez and that's where he met his wife Daniella Deutscher! 

During their time as co-stars on the show, the pair spent a lot of time together, fell in love, and eventually got married eight years later in 2006, according to Bustle. But despite his rise to fame, Hernandez has kept his relationship with Deutscher very private. In fact, there are absolutely no photos of her on his Instagram, nor does she have an account of her own (at least none that we know of, anyway). Keep scrolling to find out what we dug up on Hernandez's longtime love.

Who is Daniella Deutscher?

Jay Hernandez's wife Daniella Deutscher may not be in the Hollywood spotlight anymore, but she's also an actor, according to her IMDb page, with six acting credits to her name. Deutscher's biggest role was in NBC's Hang Time, where she played the character Julie Connor — one of seven teenagers who "try to make it through life as members of the Deering High School basketball team." She was the show's leading star, as Julie was the only girl on the boys' varsity team. Deutscher appeared in 104 episodes over the course of the show's six-season run. However, after that, she only starred in a handful of other projects, including the TV movie Aquaman and an appearance in the TV series Las Vegas

Deutscher married Hernandez in 2006, according to Bustle, and has been off the grid ever since. She has, however, made red carpet appearances to support her husband, including the movie premiere for Bad Moms (per Just Jared) and Suicide Squad (per Just Jared) in 2016.