The Untold Truth Of RHONY's New Cast Member, Bershan Shaw

It's officially official! Business coach, actor, and motivational speaker Bershan Shaw has received one of the highly coveted Bravo apples and is set to join the ranks of The Real Housewives of New York City

Bershan revealed the information exclusively to E! News. "I'm thankful to be a part of the Bravo team and I'm thrilled about the diversity and inclusion this season brings," Shaw dished on March 2, 2021. "I am a warrior for all people and so are the ladies," she continued. Bershan will also be joined by another cast newbie, attorney and TV host Eboni K. Williams. Together, the women are making history as the first Black women to be featured on the popular reality franchise series. BRAVO! (Pun most certainly intended.)

But, besides being one of RHONY's latest and greatest additions, what else is there to know about the Washington, D.C. native-turned-New Yorker? Keep reading after the jump to find out!

Bershan Shaw is a breast cancer 'warrior'

Bershan Shaw was not kidding when she referred to herself as a "warrior" during an exclusive interview with E! News. Bershan is a warrior in many respects, including when it comes to breast cancer.

As reported by HuffPost, Bershan was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer in 2009, only two weeks out from her wedding date. The cancer that she was previously diagnosed with in 2007 had come back with a vengeance. The prognosis was grim and Bershan was only given months to live. Alas, Bershan resolved to prove her doctor wrong. And that she did! "[The doctor] said, 'do you believe in miracles?' and I said... 'hell yeah, I believe in miracles," Bershan recalled about the life changing moment.

Bershan is currently in remission and she has made it her life's work to educate others about breast cancer and also provide hope to those affected by it. "I remember my dad and my stepmom saying, 'Your life is bigger than this. This is your testimony. It became my mission," she explained. Bershan has since gone on to create her own community, Ur A Warrior, for others experiencing various life challenges, health-related or not. "My ultimate goal with is really to help women around the globe... we always feel like we're alone in our issues and I want it to be a place where it can empower us," Bershan said. 

Watch out, RHONY women — we've got a real-life warrior on our hands!

Bershan Shan is an independent woman

Alexa, play "Independent" by Webbie.

Contrary to her new role on Real Housewives of New York City, Bershan Shaw is anything but a complacent housewife. TV OverMind reported that the budding reality star was married to a man by the name of David W. Bradley (via New York court records), but now, the business woman appears to be free as a bird. Perhaps Bershan and OG cast member Ramona Singer can act as one another's wing woman?

Instead of playing the dutiful housewife like many women on the Real Housewives franchises, Bershan focuses her efforts on her ever-evolving career — one that includes public speaking, business coaching, regularly contributing to various media outlets, and even creating her own show on Oprah Winfrey's OWN network, per her professional website. But that's not all! As reported by CheatSheet, Bershan also moonlights as a restaurateur, owning her own restaurant and bar, Haven Lounge. Phew! This woman has been BUSY!

Bershan Shaw and Leah McSweeney go way back

Bershan Shaw may be a newbie on Real Housewives of New York City, but she's no stranger to some of the show's cast members.

As reported by Hollywood Life, she and Leah McSweeney were gal pals prior to her joining the reality show. One source claimed that not only are she and Leah friends, but it was Leah who advocated for Bershan to join the show. "[Bershan] was actually suggested to producers by Leah and Leah is so excited it worked out as all of the ladies have been pretty vocal at suggesting people to join the cast," the source divulged.

But Leah is not the only one Bershan knew prior to joining the show. "She's good friends with Leah and also Sonja [Morgan], but she knows all of the ladies and has for years. She's really outgoing, outspoken and fun and is very excited to do the show," the source dished.

Outgoing... check. Outspoken... check. Fun... check. Sounds like Bershan should fit right in. Only one question: Is she down for some Turtle Time? Inquiring minds (a.k.a. Ramona Singer) want to know...

This is not Bershan Shaw's first foray into reality television

As reported by TV OverMind, Bershan Shaw first starred in a reality series titled Love In the City in 2014. The purpose of the show was to document Bershan and three other woman — including Tiffany Jones, Chenoa Maxwell and Kiyah Wright — as they navigate their longstanding friendships with one another while also living, working, and playing in New York City, per OWN. Hmm, that sounds eerily similar to another popular reality show... 

Unfortunately, the show only lasted one season, totaling out at six episodes, per IMDb. But even with such a short run, Bershan managed to do great things during her time on the show, including expanding her UrAWarrior forum. "I told God I will help people. Two women came up to me and told me I inspire them, they love the way I handle conflict and I don't back down. They told me I am their hero and a warrior. It's about helping one person at a time little by little. Never say I am not smart enough, or skinny enough, nothing is too good to be true, it is supposed to be yours," Bershan dished about her time on the reality show in a May 2014 interview with Superwoman Lifestyle

Bershan Shaw is a daddy's girl

While it appears Bershan Shaw likes to keep mum when it comes to her love life, there's one man that she loves to gush about, especially on social media. Enter: Bershan's father, Jerro Shaw (via Stars Offline).

After perusing through Bershan's Instagram account, it becomes quite apparent that she and her father are quite close. Even on Valentine's Day, Bershan took to Instagram to sing her father's praises. "Happy Valentine's Day from my ride or die to yours. The man that has flowers at my condo and candy at my doorstep every year," Bershan penned in the sentimental post. "He is the one who taught me how to date like a man and be soft like a woman. He pushes me to always be my best. He tells me to Love myself and be open to people that I don't know and never stop learning. He is my dad," she added.

Phew! Those are some big shoes to fill. Potential suitors: Come prepared!