Things You Didn't Know About Yanet Garcia

Yanet Garcia is perhaps Mexico's most desirable media export since Salma Hayek stormed Hollywood more than 20 years ago. This Televisa Monterrey weather girl went viral almost immediately when, at just 25-years-old, she started forecasting temperatures in eye-popping mini dresses. 

Her unique spin, on a rather mundane part of the evening news, has earned her millions of fans and social-media followers from around the world. She's become such a pop culture phenomenon that even her dog has its own Instagram page. Her backside has inspired wild internet conspiracy theories, and her 2018 breakup with her boyfriend of three years made the news like they were Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

But before getting the latest weather report from Garcia, read up on these little-known facts about the famous meteorologist and her private life. There's a 100 percent chance you'll fall in love with her too.

She's a gym rat

To say Garcia is serious about fitness would be an understatement. The Mexican beauty's Instagram account is littered with images of her squatting, lifting weights, running and more.

For Garcia, fitness isn't just about keeping a tight body; it's a way of life. She seems to be well aware that her money-maker is her body, and she works hard to keep it in tip-top shape. She doesn't mind flaunting that hard work, either, and her social media numbers are steadily climbing with a dedicated and growing fan base. As of this writing, Garcia boasts 7 million followers on Instagram and another 725,000 followers on Twitter.

She was madly in love

Yanet Garcia and her ex-boyfriend, YouTuber and professional gamer Doug Censor Martin, were a match made in viral star heaven. The pair even met on Twitter, according to Before They Were Famous. Like Garcia, Martin is easy on the eyes and into fitness, and he's got an Instagram feed full of ripped pics to prove it. Things went great for the lovebirds for three years, until Martin dumped Garcia because — get this — he needed to focus more on playing Call of Duty. Yup. 

Blindsided by the split, Garcia told the Mexican TV show Hoy (via, that she "did not expect" the end of what she described as "a beautiful relationship." 

Martin addressed the breakup in a lengthy YouTube video (via Maxim), saying, "I'm on a contract. ...I want to win a ring, I want to win a world championship. ... There's only 24 hours in a day and I just didn't have enough time to do what I needed to do." He also described Garcia in an Instagram post as "an amazing, genuine person," but felt that they were "going down 2 different paths," which he expanded on in the YouTube video by saying things changed for him when Garcia began more actively pursuing modeling and acting.   

As for his long-term goals? Martin once told Fox Sports, "What I'd love to do, you know 10 years from now, is to be something like The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) ... an entertainer, a motivator." Yep, that's just apples to oranges right there.  

She's a dog lover

Garcia doesn't have any children, but she sure does love her pooches. The weather girl is almost never without her crew of Pomeranians, whom she dotes on every chance she gets. In one Twitter snap (above), Garcia is seen lying under a hot pink blanket surrounded by four Pomeranians and dog toys. She captioned the loving image, "I am the happiest!"

She's also so enamored with her pups that she created an Instagram account for one of them. Little Mimi Faze made her social media debut with an adorable snap (above right) in October 2016. Since then, this adorable pooch has captured the imagination of everyone, including Garcia's ex-boyfriend, who is still, as of this writing, featured heavily on the pup's page. Perhaps they worked out some kind of canine custody arrangement? 

She denied butt implants

Garcia was the target of dozens of not so-friendly headlines in the spring of 2016. Numerous viewers accused the weather girl of getting plastic surgery to make her butt appear bigger and protrude more than normal.

Odd video and image stills of Garcia delivering the weather in a tight black dress began circulating, causing the rumor mill to erupt. According to the Mirror, Garcia chalked it all up to camera angles. She also maintains she's natural and owes her enviable body to working out.

In response to the drama, Garcia tweeted photos of her doing squats and other butt exercises with the caption, "Haha, please, exercise and live healthy to see the results."

Her fans are obsessed

While Garcia's fame continues to skyrocket around the globe, small fan sites dedicated to her life have begun to pop up across the internet. Case in point: Garcia's subreddit "was the fastest growing non-default subreddit in a 24-hour span" when it debuted, reported UPROXX . What does that mean? Well, in the span of 12 days, the subscriber list for the obscure comment board that was really just a place to share GIFs and videos of the beautiful weather girl, jumped from 28 to 3,000 subscribers. As of this writing, it's attracted more than 35,000 subscribers.

There's also a Twitter page called Yanet Garcia Fans that keeps followers abreast of her every post and move. Similar fan pages have also popped up on Facebook. At this rate, those platforms could become real social media climate changers.

English is definitely not her strong suit

There may be a language barrier when it comes to watching Garcia's now famous forecasts, but few would argue that what she says is the focus of most of her fans. TMZ proved that point when it caught up with Garcia in New York City's Central Park working out in July 2015. Although she needed a translator to answer the cameraman's questions, all eyes seemed fixed on her every move.

When asked if she catches more Mexicans or Americans drooling over her butt, she laughed saying (translated of course): "Everybody!" She also hinted that the attention doesn't bother her all that much. When it comes down to comparing famous backsides, a cameraman asked whose butt is better among Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj. Garcia, learning quickly to be diplomatic, said she thinks every woman is beautiful in their own way.

She never intended to be a weather girl

Believe it or not, Yanet Garcia almost never made it on television. In fact, she nearly passed over the job at Televisa Monterrey. In a rare interview, Garcia told El Pais she needed to think it over before saying yes. "My first reaction was to say no, because I had never done it and I did not know if I could," she told the publication. "But I think life is about the people who try it and I thought it was an experience that I could learn a lot from, and I wanted to try it."

The rest is history! Garcia became an overnight sensation not for delivering extremely accurate weather forecasts, but for being so steamy — okay, we'll stop with the weather puns. Anyway, it's now safe to say, the weather portion of the news may be the network's most popular.

She owns a modeling agency

While Garcia's beauty earned her a bit of fame in the last year, she's constantly looking to impart wisdom on other young ladies. Garcia has, in fact, created a modeling company called Yanet Garcia Models. Talent under her tutelage ranges from young kids ages 5 and 6, to women in their twenties, possibly thirties. Everyone gets lessons on runway and print modeling as well as pageant training.

Although there is apparently no official website, Garcia has set up a Facebook page and Twitter account bearing the agency's name. The former is sprinkled with photos of models getting lessons, doing photo shoots, exercising, and even learning proper etiquette and manners. She even gave them an opportunity to shine on her station, Televisa Monterrey. 

Garcia opened up about her agency to Mexico's Publimetro, telling the publication she created the business to help women. "I am a walkway coach and I am focused on my projects," she said (loosely translated). "I want to expand my modeling agency and continue to grow, but I'm also open to the possibility of new opportunities, of course."

Her future looks bright

Will anyone ever look at the weather the same again? Garcia has proven to be an interesting and complex woman with the business savvy that will surely take her to greater heights in all of her endeavors. She's simply got it all working for her — a great job that brings her mountains of attention, a budding sense of entrepreneurship with her own modeling agency, and a newly single status which we're sure comes with no shortage of suitors. 

If she ever lands a job doing the weather in the United States, other plump-backside divas such as Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, will have stiff competition for the spotlight.