The Real Reason Lisa Nicole Cloud Left Married To Medicine

Lisa Nicole Cloud is making headlines once again as she's set to return as a "friend of" on Season 8 of Bravo's Married to Medicine, per Bravo TV.

As you may recall, Lisa Nicole first burst on to the Bravo scene in 2014 starring in Seasons 2, 3, and 4. During her stint on the reality series, the show chronicled Lisa Nicole's life as she navigated the often times chaotic waters of being a mother, a doctor's wife and a businesswoman working in direct sales, all while trying to maintain friendships with the other women.

During an exclusive interview with Talking With Tami, Lisa Nicole spoke candidly about the drama that comes along with filming reality television. "I must say it's a lot. If I never do another season where I am the center of the controversy it would be alright by me," she declared. I thought initially going in that it would be a great platform for my brand and to inspire women and it has had some good points but I can honestly say that I can do without all the drama. I don't like drama and controversy," she added.

So is drama the reason Lisa Nicole bowed out after Season 4 of Married to Medicine or were other factors at play? Keep reading to find out!

Lisa Nicole Cloud cited her fashion line as the reason she left Married to Medicine

Lisa Nicole Cloud made headlines in 2017 when she announced that she would not be returning for Season 5 of Married to Medicine, and on National Doctors' Day no less. 

In a video that Lisa Nicole shared with TMZ, she explained that she would not be returning to the reality series, citing other business ventures including her fashion line as the reason for her departure. "My clothing line is really growing and I really need to focus and spend some time with that," she explained. "You know when momentum hits you gotta be ready to ride the momentum wave," she added emphatically. 

She was, however, careful not to close the reality television door for good. "They don't want to see me leave at all. They would definitely want to see me still connected with the show and that's why I would, um, probably make occasional appearances as time permits," Lisa Nicole clarified. And as fate would have it, it looks like she's finally making good on that promise. Cheers to Season 8!