The Untold Truth Of Sara Haines

Iowa native Sara Haines first became a household name when she snagged a spot on the Today show serving as both a contributor and correspondent, per Celebrity Net Worth. "I had a front row opportunity to watch excellence. Kathie Lee and Hoda throw out the rule book and do talk TV their way," Haines said about her time with Today during an interview with TV Insider. "They taught me to trust my gut," she declared.

Since then she's continued to climb her way up the ranks, taking on noteworthy gigs with ABC's Good Morning America and The View. In 2017, Haines even received an Emmy nomination in the Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host category for her work on The View.

But there's much more than meets the eye when it comes to this famous television personality turned wife and mother of three. Keep reading after the jump to learn the untold truth of Sarah Haines. 

Sara Haines met her husband on OkCupid

Journalist Sara Haines is an open book — so much so that when her producers approached her to do a segment about online dating and wanted to create an online profile for her on the dating site, OkCupid, Haines immediately agreed!

During an interview with Glamour, Haines revealed that she met her husband, Max Shifrin, on a work assignment while working for Today: "One of the producers, who was a friend, said, 'Can we make an online dating profile for you for a segment about what to do and what not to do?' I was like, 'Done!'"

According to Haines, meeting someone was already on her "to-do list" so why not? After the segment concluded, she was advised that she could delete the profile, but instead she opted to keep it, and it's a good thing she did! "Max eventually saw my profile, and we went from there," Haines explained. Talk about fate!

Sara Haines doesn't believe in finding 'The One'

While Sara Haines is adamant that she and her husband are very much in love she's quick to admit that she's not exactly a "hopeless romantic."

In her interview with Glamour, Haines confessed that she doesn't subscribe to the "one true love" theory. Upon meeting her husband, Max Shifrin, many of her co-workers kept asking her if she believed that he was "The One" but she admitted that she didn't have the slightest clue. "When I married Max, I still [didn't] know if he was The One. I mean that in an open way. I tell Max, 'There's no one person,'" she said.

Luckily, her hubby agrees. "We both agree on this and laugh all the time," Haines dished. "There are thousands of The Ones. It's The One you decide to commit to. It wasn't as romantic or fairy-tale-ish as 'I've been looking for you my whole life.' It wasn't any of that. We laugh at that. The pressure people put on you to have this big aha moment and 'I just knew' moment."

Sara Haines struggled with postpartum depression

During a candid segment with Paula Faris on Strahan and Sara, Sara Haines, a mother of two at the time, got real about her own struggles with postpartum depression (per Good Morning America). 

"The dialogue around moms is always, 'this is a blessing,' which it is, and, 'you're so lucky: this is going to be the happiest day of your life,'" Haines explained about the stigma of postpartum depression. "When it doesn't show up that way, it can be disarming."

Haines also confessed to feeling afraid to admit how she was truly feeling. "It's hard to admit because it's the antithesis of what we've been raised to think what women are, which is, 'They've been doing it for a thousand years, it'll kick in, you'll have maternal instinct.' None of which I had. When that all happens, you're almost scared to ask for help," Haines said.

According to Haines, one of the key ways society can help mothers affected by postpartum depression is to remove the stigma associated with the illness. "The more we remove the taboo, I think it's better to expect that it's going to be tough and dark and scary, because if it turns out to be the most blissful part of your life, you didn't need a warning," Haines said. 

Sara Haines says she'd 'love' to have 10 more kids

Television host and journalist Sara Haines shocked the masses when she admitted that she would love to have 10 more children during a Q&A game on her Instagram Stories, per People. "More babies for you? Or is three enough LOL," one of Haines followers asked her. "I would love 10 more!!!!" Sara replied before adding: "But 3 is all I can handle while being my best version for each of them."

Haines has been quite transparent about the pros and cons of starting a family later in life. She spoke candidly with Glamour about raising children in her forties. "I got married when I was 37, and I'm having my second child at 40. People say I'm brave, but I say, 'I'm not brave; I'm old!'" Haines declared.

Haines was also adamant that having kids later in life was not a choice but simply how the stars aligned for her. "This is just how my life looks like right now," Haines recalled thinking during an experience when a woman gave her well-meaning albeit unnecessary advice "not to wait" to have kids. "That kind of advice doesn't help anyone. I had wanted kids, but I was always someone that knew if I'm gonna do this, I'm doing it with a teammate," Haines divulged.

Sara Haines said she 'begged' to return to The View

Sara Haines is probably best known for her hosting gig — or should we say gig(s) — on The View, an ABC talk show created by the legendary Barbara Walters in which women discuss their points of view on several topics including current events, politics, and even pop culture. 

Haines first joined the ladies on the daytime talk show in 2016, hosting for two seasons before being swiftly transferred to GMA Day, a new show that was eventually later renamed GMA3: Strahan, Sara and Keke, per Variety. But in September of 2020, following the cancellation of the trio's news broadcast, it was announced that Haines would be reclaiming a seat at The View, taking the open spot left by Abby Huntsman

And as it turns out, Haines was all too eager to accept the re-assignment. In fact, prior to being asked back to The View, Haines even admitted that she had been "begging" to come back on the show in an interview with Page Six. She did however maintain that she was still happy hosting GMA3. She also confessed that she still kept up with her former co-hosts, almost to a fault. "She's like, 'Get away from me," Haines jokingly said about The View's co-host Sunny Hostin.