Tamron Hall's Transformation Is Turning Heads

Whether she's delivering eloquently brutal honesty or keeping viewers up to date with news and pop culture on her award-winning eponymous TV series, it's rare to see Tamron Hall sporting anything but her megawatt smile. The beloved TV personality, broadcast journalist, and executive producer has garnered a highly respected career in the entertainment industry thanks to her captivating nature.

Hall lives a life of glitz and glamour in New York City, per Today, but her upbringing was nothing like her experience nowadays. The star, who was born on Sept. 16, 1970, was raised in the "incredibly small town" of Luling, Texas. According to Hall, her hometown has a population of "like a thousand, if that," and because of the way of life, she "grew up very, very poor," she recalled in an interview with Digital Journal in August 2014. "Our entertainment was a water hose and spraying it at each other running around."

Eventually, Hall grew up and said goodbye to her Texas roots — for the time being — and started her journey as a talented TV star. The road surely wasn't always an easy one, but despite the tough times, Hall pushed through the trials and tribulations and has become one of the most genuine hosts in history. For a complete look at the star's alluring transformation, keep scrolling!

Tamron Hall kicks off her career in broadcasting after parting ways with her small Texas hometown

Tamron Hall didn't have it easy as a little girl, but she's eternally grateful for the upbringing she experienced in Luling, Texas. "It was a great childhood — a childhood that I would not trade for anything in the world," she told the Digital Journal. But when it was time for college, Hall said goodbye to the south and hello to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The brunette beauty attended Temple University, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism (via Gossip Gist). After graduation, she returned to Texas when she landed her first on-air job as a general assignment reporter for CBS' affiliate station KBTX in the city of Bryan. She was later picked up by KTVT, a CBS owned-and-operated TV station in Dallas that she worked at for four years, according to her bio.

In 1997, she left Texas once again when she was offered a gig with WFLD-TV, which serves the Chicago, Illinois, area. Hall worked for the Fox owned-and-operated TV station for 10 years, where she "held a number of positions, including general assignment reporter, consumer reporter, and host of the three-hour Fox News in the Morning program," her website reads. In addition to covering several high-profile stories, like the tragic 1999 Amtrak accidents in Illinois, and interviewing then-senator Barack Obama, Hall was nominated for an Emmy for her 1999 consumer report segment, The Bottom Line 

Tragedy strikes in Tamron Hall's life

The following paragraphs contain allegations of domestic violence.

Just as Tamron Hall cemented her status as an undeniably skilled journalist, she endured one of the most tragic heartbreaks of her life. In 2004, her older sister, Renate, was brutally murdered and found in the backyard of her home in Houston, Texas. According to People, she was bludgeoned to death and discovered floating face down in the pool.

"No one deserves what happened to my sister," Hall said while candidly opening up to the outlet years after her sibling's murder in April 2016. "For a long time, I was hesitant about sharing our story. I didn't want to be another well-known person saying, 'Look what happened to me and my family.'"

But because of the nature of Renate's death, Hall felt compelled to come forward. "I said, screw that. I can save a life," she told People. As Hall discussed during her interview, the crime was a result of the years she spent in relationships with abusive men. The talk show host said Renate was romantically involved with one specific man, who was later named in her murder investigation as the only person of interest, but he was never arrested due to lack of evidence.

Therefore, Renate's case remains an unsolved homicide. "Do we know who did this to her as defined by a court of law? No," Hall said, recalling an altercation she saw between the two. "But I can tell you I witnessed an act of violence."

If you or someone you know is dealing with domestic abuse, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233 or TTY 1−800−787−3224. You can also find more information, resources, and support at www.thehotline.org.

Tamron Hall turns sorrow into strength and accomplishes a lot in her career

After suffering the devastating loss of her sister, Renate, and living in both Texas and Illinois, Hall relocated in 2007 after MSNBC offered her a job. In 2009, she covered one of her first major political events with the network when she worked as a correspondent during NBC News' special of the inauguration of former president Barack Obama, according to TamronHallShow.com.

Following her coverage of Obama's road to presidency, which garnered her an Emmy Award for Outstanding Live Coverage in October 2010, Hall's career continued to soar. By 2011, she was hosting several special reports for MSNBC and NBC News, such as Education Nation: Teacher Town Hall — which was nominated for a News & Documentary Emmy Award in that year (via IMDb). The following year in 2012, Hall covered the London 2012 Summer Olympics as a sports desk reporter.

Hall proved her already multiple gigs weren't enough when she added another credit to resume in 2013. She joined Investigation Discovery as the host of Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall. Reporting crime and uncovering the truth to why people commit murders, Hall dedicated the program to her older sister, according to The Famous People. She also hosted her hit program, MSNBC Live with Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall makes history when she secures a spot on NBC's Today

After years of praise for her excellent reporting, Tamron Hall broke another barrier in 2014 when she landed a spot as co-anchor on NBC's Today. The star, who was a frequent fill-in for Today anchors Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer, became the first Black woman to serve as host of the show.

"How could I not be walking on cloud nine?" Hall said told Essence in 2014. "I'm a part of this for women, for Black women, for all of us. And I'm just taken aback by it." On NBC, Hall starred alongside Natalie Morales, Al Roker, and Willie Geist on the show's third hour Today's Take. During her tenure, she conducted prolific interviews with Hugh Jackman, Mariah Carey, and Instagram's CEO Kevin Systrom (via Gossip Gist). 

After just three years, however, the news was revealed that Hall was saying goodbye to NBC and MSNBC. The network shared a statement at the time, calling the alum "an exceptional journalist," Forbes reported. "We valued and enjoyed her work at Today and MSNBC and hoped that she would decide to stay. We are disappointed that she has chosen to leave, but we wish her all the best," the statement read.

According to Good Housekeeping, Hall decided to part ways with NBC Universal after reports broke that Megyn Kelly was potentially going to replace her in the third hour. Fortunately, bigger things were in store for the star. 

Tamron Hall is offered her own eponymous talk show

Since parting ways with NBC, Tamron Hall hasn't slipped from the spotlight. In fact, her resume only expanded when she landed her talk show, the Tamron Hall Show, which debuted in September 2019 (via Good Housekeeping).

According to producers, Hall's program is a "daily destination for all things topical and a platform for viewers to connect with the people who are shaping our world" (via Deadline). The show was an instant success, and after two seasons, Walt Disney Television revealed the syndicated series was renewed. ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke announced the news in a statement in October 2020, TV Series Finale reported.

Hall also reacted to the exciting news, releasing a statement of her own. "Tamfam, thank you for giving us the space and grace to have a real conversation every day. Life is about the tough talks, but for me, more than anything else it's about having an honest, fair, and open discussion where we can laugh, learn and find hope together," she gushed, according to TamronHallShow.com. "Thank you to my Disney ABC team for proving we can still dream together, and to our terrific station partners. Also thanks to our many guests who have agreed it's time to say 'let's talk about it.'"

Nowadays, Tamron Hall juggles her career with motherhood

In addition to remaining a beloved host on our TV screens, Hall has experienced new things in life in recent years: including motherhood. In April 2019, she gave birth to her son, Moses, with husband Steve Greener. "Moses and Mama!! I can't wait to introduce y'all to my #sonshine," she penned on Instagram. "Photo credit: Dad who can't stop crying tears of joy."

Hall first revealed the news of her pregnancy just one month before giving birth. The star, who struggled to conceive for years through in-vitro fertilization, said she waited until she was 32 weeks along when her doctor notified she was "in a safe place." In her pregnancy announcement, she also revealed she tied the knot when she referred to Greener, an American music executive and film producer, as her spouse. 

"My husband Steven and I are beyond excited! We're in constant prayer, so if you pray, add us to your list; if you meditate, send calmness our way; and if you believe in luck, we'll happily take that too," she wrote. 

Since welcoming their little one, Hall has turned her attention to her relationship and parenting. Because she knows juggling a profession and motherhood isn't easy, Hall has learned to appreciate the chaos. "It's not tidy, and I'm not trying to make it tidy," she told People in August 2019. "And I think the more I embrace that, the better I feel about myself."

Keep it up, mama!