This Is The Song In The New Peloton Bike+ Commercial

It's no secret that the fitness brand giant Peloton had established quite the cult following prior to COVID-19, but once typical gym-goers were forced to stay home and find a new way to get their workout in, they also turned to the effective albeit somewhat expensive stationary bike. Soon after, Peloton experienced various supply-and-demand issues when they simply couldn't churn out enough bikes fast enough in order to satisfy the masses. A very good problem, indeed.

But besides providing a stellar workout on an aesthetically pleasing piece of equipment complete with a virtual community of instructors and other riders cheering you on all from the privacy and comfort of your very own home, Peloton is also known for it's spectacular marketing and branding — minus that pesky Christmas commercial that had everyone up in arms because the company featured a husband buying his wife a Peloton for Christmas. That went over about as well as one can imagine. Alas, we digress. 

Upon the debut of Peloton's newest addition to its lineup, the Peloton Bike+, the company also rolled out a brand new commercial for the new piece of equipment complete with a catchy little tune. So what's the song featured in Peloton's latest and greatest commercial? Keep reading to find out!

Peloton features Sofi Tukker's track "Purple Hat" in its new commercial

It's a great time to be Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern of Sofi Tukker.

Per, Peloton enlisted the musical duo's 2019 track "Purple Hat" in its new commercial for the highly coveted Peloton Bike+. Being that the duo is perhaps best know for their upbeat, fast-paced songs, partnering with Sofi Tukker is pretty much a no-brainer for a commercial touting a piece of cardio equipment. 

During a 2019 interview with Entertainment Voice, Halper explained that the mission of the song was to recreate the "Studio 54 New York, kind of like weirdo, club kid kind of vibe," not unlike the scene that Peloton tries to set in each of their in studio classes complete with low lighting and upbeat tunes that makes their users want to get up and dance — er, spin – their hearts out.

But make no mistake about it — this duo is no stranger to high-profile licensing deals. As reported by NewsWeek, the duo's hit "Best Friend" was featured in Apple's iPhone X Commercial. Pretty darn impressive!