Why Bear Brown's April Fools' Joke Has People Seeing Red

False alarm! Bear Brown had people worried on April 1, 2021, after he announced via Instagram he would be leaving Alaskan Bush People "due to recent events" following the death of his father, Billy Brown, in February 2021. But as people expressed their worry for the reality star, some questioned the validity of his statement considering the date. He later admitted he was fibbing in honor of April Fools' Day. 

"Gotcha!!!! That was an April fools joke in bad taste!!!" he captioned his follow-up post. "My apologies! I'm definitely not leaving the show I plan on filming until I'm an old man!!! It's been rough for sure! But the show is one thing in my life that is definitely good! I was gonna wait until tomorrow to say anything, but it got too much attention!!! Happy April fools day!!!"

Although some fans are relieved Bear will be sticking around, others are pretty turned off by his prank. Keep scrolling for more details.

Bear Brown made his fans worry

Bear Brown gave his fans quite the fright when he said he would be leaving Alaskan Bush People, insinuating his departure was a result of coping with the loss of his father. However, people showed less sympathy for the reality star when he came clean with his April Fools' Day bluff. "Bear that is not funny.. but you did get me," one person commented on his Instagram post when the jig was up. "That was a King of Lame move," someone else wrote. "[Not] cool, bro. You are going to [piss] off the other fans. Totally lame." A third person went in on the mountain man, writing, "Think about this from a fan's point of view. That 'joke' upset a bunch of people. You want us fans to feel sympathy for you and the rest of the family, and you pull a lame stunt like that. Hopefully, this format reflects badly on you or your family."

Although he definitely ruffled some feathers, others said he could be the next host of Punk'd. "Not in bad taste. Joke is a joke. Good job," one fan wrote with flame and crying laughing emojis. "Damn you had us fooled. So happy about this news!" another said, while a separate follower added, "Glad you're still gonna be in the show! Good joke lol." It sounds like Bear might have some work to do to get back in his fans' good graces.