The Blended Bunch: Why Erica's Brother Isn't A Fan Of Spencer

Erica and Spencer Shemwell, along with their combined 11 children, star in the TLC series The Blended Bunch. Viewers have had an opportunity to meet several of their extended family members, including Erica's brother Quinn Kendall. Quinn isn't all that fond of Spencer, and he's not particularly shy about making that known.

Quinn is Erica's older brother, and he's made it clear he is quite protective of her as well as the seven kids she had with her first husband, Tony. In the series premiere of The Blended Bunch, Quinn explained that he moved to Utah to watch over his sister, nieces, and nephews.

Viewers of The Blended Bunch quickly learned that Erica and Spencer had something of a whirlwind romance. They met via a support group for people who had lost spouses, and they got married just 13 months after first connecting (via People). According to the family's blog Shemwell Bunch, Spencer moved his kids to Utah during the summer of 2018. Spencer and Erica got their families together for friendly playdates, and she soon decided he'd make a great partner and father figure. They started dating at that point and got engaged very soon after that. The two married six weeks after their engagement, in January 2019.

Quinn's skeptical of Spencer's motives

During TLC's The Blended Bunch premiere, Erica Shemwell's brother Quinn Kendall explained his hesitation regarding his brother-in-law.

"When Erica and Spencer started dating each other and got engaged and basically married in no time at all, I was shocked. I was upset," Quinn explained.

Quinn admitted he worried about how Erica tended to push her issues aside to focus on her husband. In addition, Quinn felt that Spencer would focus on his business while Erica handled everything else. Erica's brother admitted he's often distrusting and it'd take time for Spencer to earn his trust. Quinn also pondered whether Spencer may have moved to Utah for selfish motives in hopes Erica could essentially be his babysitter. When Erica and Spencer announced adoption plans in an early episode of the series, Quinn got emotional.

"If I were one of the kids, I wouldn't want to be adopted... I wouldn't want to change my last name either. Erasing Tony's last name is like you're erasing Tony's memory," Quinn admitted.

Quinn told Erica and Spencer he wasn't sure if he died that he'd want his kid to have somebody else's last name. Viewers saw Quinn worry about panic attacks that Erica hadn't revealed to Spencer, and he was frustrated over Spencer prioritizing business over medical appointments involving Erica's kids. The Blended Bunch navigates plenty of drama throughout each episode, and viewers can bank on Quinn continuing to be a protective big brother to Erica.