Mimi From OutDaughtered Just Made A New Deal After Her DUI Arrest

Fans of the TLC series Outdaughtered are plenty familiar with Danielle Busby's mom Michelle "Mimi" Theriot. She appeared on the series a number of times over the years as she doted on her six granddaughters. In fact, she even moved from Lousiana to Texas to be closer to them, per TMZ. Off-screen, Mimi found herself in hot water a while back. Now, reports indicate that she has tentatively resolved the issue at hand.

As TMZ previously detailed, Mimi was arrested in League City, Texas in October 2020. The Outdaughtered star was pulled over by police a little after midnight as she drove her Ford SUV home. They alleged that she straddled the solid white line along the lane and swerved. When they decided to pull her over, Mimi was said to be slow to stop. When police approached the SUV, they smelled a strong scent of perfume, which may have been a strategy to cover the smell of alcohol, according to police.

As per the outlet, Danielle's mom first told the police she'd had two glasses of wine, and then later said it had been two beers. She was described as being "lethargic" as she interacted with the authorities, and she reportedly had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. She swayed as she was questioned by the police and even tried to get back into her vehicle at one point. After failing sobriety tests, she was handcuffed and taken into custody. But now, things have taken a turn.

Mimi was given a big opportunity

A report from TMZ on April 5, 2021 detailed that Michelle "Mimi" Theriot was able to resolve her DUI case without receiving jail time. The Outdaughtered star received an opportunity to enter a diversion program that is apparently commonly offered to first-time offenders. She was directed to adhere to a number of strict guidelines for a full year. If she can do that successfully, she will get to put the incident behind her.

The diversion program stipulated that Mimi needs to participate in a DWI program as well as do 24 hours of community service. She is required to stay away from all bars for a full year, and she cannot use any "controlled substances" or drink any alcohol. The Outdaughtered star was told to expect random drug testing and has to take care not to break any laws at all. The deal was that if she could stick with the parameters outlined for her, the DUI case would be dismissed in a year.

Mimi was said to be quite pleased with the deal she was given. However, it didn't seem that Mimi, her son-in-law Adam, or her daughter Danielle publicly commented on the case at all. Outdaughtered continued to focus on the six Busby daughters, along with mom Danielle's mysterious illness, without incorporating this round of trouble related to their extended family.

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