The Truth About Brooks Koepka's Girlfriend Jena Sims

American professional golfer Brooks Koepka has been a prominent name in the sports world ever since 2018 when he won the U.S. Open and PGA Championship (via Golf). He is now an eight-time PGA Tour winner, and according to Gossip Cop"one of the top golfers in the world" with many fans and followers who root for him.

One fan in particular is his longtime girlfriend, Jena Sims. The pair has been together since 2017, via People, with Sims constantly on the sidelines from tour to tour cheering on her man. In March of 2021, Sims went from girlfriend to fiancee, too. She announced that the couple became engaged in Jupiter, Fla. on her Instagram, sharing several photos of the proposal along with the caption, "Forever is no joke." 

So, if you're a fan of golf or Koepka or both, and want to know more about this pro's lovely new fiancee, we've got you covered. Keep reading to find out more about this Koepka's biggest fan and soon-to-be lifetime partner. 

Jena Sims is an actor and beauty pageant queen

Brooks Koepka's girlfriend-turned-fiancee Jena Sims is actually pretty used to the spotlight. Per IMDb, the Georgia native grew up as a small town beauty queen. She was crowned Miss Georgia Junior National Teenager in 2004, Miss Junior National Teenager in 2005, and Miss Georgia Teen USA in 2007.

After her pageant years, Sims moved to Hollywood to pursue acting. Her IMDb page also states that during her time working as an actor, she appeared in an episode of HBO's hit series Entourage, a few of the Sharknado films, and landed a lead role in the 2012 film, Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader. In addition to her acting career, Sims still is involved with the pageant world. According to Peopleshe is the founder of the non-profit Pageant of Hope.

Sims even knows a thing or two about her future-husband's sport. In a Golf Digest interview, the actor revealed that she "dabbles" in golf and that her father is actually pretty good at the sport back down in Georgia. She said, "I'm really familiar with the sport, and I've always been a fan of watching it." 

And based off of her recent engagement to Koepka, it looks like she will be watching golf for a very long time