The Untold Truth Of Zach Avery

Hollywood is more than familiar with salacious scandals. From FBI investigations to arrests, there is a definite dark side to the movie industry. Yet sometimes scandals extend far beyond the typical A-listers. You probably have never heard of actor Zach Avery, because why would you? The star has only been in a handful of films since his debut in 2009 according to IMDb, with most early roles uncredited. Yet Avery made national headlines on April 7, 2021, when he got arrested for allegedly running a multi-million-dollar Ponzi scheme targeted toward Hollywood's filmmaking industry, according to People.

Perhaps Avery's anonymity was used to his advantage. Federal authorities have accused Avery of "defrauding investors out of more than $227 million" and fabricating licensing deals with Netflix, HBO, and other production companies. FBI agent John Verrastro stated that Avery allegedly used funds "for personal benefit" and to pay off previous investors. 

So who is Avery and what exactly was he arrested for? Keep scrolling to find out! 

Zach Avery had supporting roles as an actor before founding distribution company 1inMM

Zach Avery (née Horwitz) has appeared in independent films since 2009. According to his IMDb page, Avery's first credited role was in 2017 with sci-fi thriller Curvature costarring Linda Hamilton. Avery went on to work with actor-director Ralph Fiennes in The White Crow and landed a lead role in Last Moment of Clarity alongside Brian Cox and Samara WeavingAvery also has two films slated for 2021 releases. 

In addition to his acting career, Avery founded distribution company 1inMM in 2013 and lists his position as "managing partner," per his LinkedIn page. Investment profile site Crunchbase lists West Hollywood-based company 1inMM Capital LLC as "a Film Production company with a primary focus on developing, producing and distributing commercial viable content" slanted toward sci-fi and action films. According to People1inMM "claimed to distribute English films to the Latin American market through partnerships with HBO and Netflix," as reported by the FBI. 

Avery even "allegedly sent investors bottles of Johnny Walker Blue Label scotch" in 2015 to celebrate "successfully distributing 49 films through the 1inMM Capital banner without incurring a single loss in the process." Sound fishy? Well, the claims surrounding Avery don't end there. 

Zach Avery is accused of fabricating 1inMM's $690 million success

Per Daily Mail UKAvery is accused of "raising more than $690 million after falsely claiming to investors that he had movie licensing deals" with mega-producers HBO and Netflix. Allegedly, $227 million "put in by victims since at least 2015 is still yet to be repaid." Avery is further speculated to have "lied about owning the rights to include the 1989 Jean-Claude Van Damme action film Kickboxer" in a fabricated "thriving" film library for 1inMM. 

Avery also claimed to have expanded his film partnerships to distribute films in Australia and New Zealand. As reported by People, Avery allegedly sent a memo to investors promising "a return of up to 40 percent within a year." The FBI believed Avery "fabricated email correspondence with Netflix and HBO executives to justify delays" in profits. Avery is facing wire fraud charges and if convicted, he could serve up to 20 years in prison. 

In addition to 1inMM, Avery also co-founded LayJax Ventures. Avery described the angel fund as "a start-up investment company that provides founders with seed investments to start or grow their company while providing them with our unique network in order to help them succeed outside of simply writing a check" to Direct SubmitThe firm invests in hospitality businesses as well as films, according to Business Wire ( via the Associated Press). Both ventures allegedly funded Avery's wealthy lifestyle. 

Zach Avery has lived a life of luxury thanks to his companies

Zach Avery certainly didn't seem to be strapped for cash. Per Daily Mail UKZach Avery led a lavish lifestyle before his arrest. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) alleged Avery used investors' money from distribution company 1inMM to purchase a $5.7 million home and spend upwards of $100,000 on trips to Las Vegas and "a $1.8 million American Express bill." 

He even got married at a five-star resort! According to a wedding announcement in The Dubois County Herald, Avery tied the knot with hairstylist Mallory Hagedorn at The Four Seasons Los Angeles in October 2014, which no doubt cost a pretty penny. Avery's Instagram account is private with 11.4k fans, but he is followed by actor Olivia Munn, cementing his brush with A-list fame. 

Avery credits his family for his success. Avery's wife Mallory is quiet on social media but lists her career as a hairstylist and colorist at the Ken Paves Salon in Los Angeles since 2013. "My hubby and Rottweiler Lucy hold the key to my heart," her Twitter bio states. She also has been with Avery since he first started his career in Hollywood, and Avery has called her his "rock" throughout his career ups and downs, per Medium.

Zach Avery previously worked as a door-to-door salesman

This may come as a surprise, but Zach Avery seemingly has an understanding of how the human mind works. That's because Avery "received a bachelor's degree in psychology from Indiana University," per his wedding announcement. And according to an August 2019 interview with Loud and Clear Reviews, Avery had a slew of odd jobs before entering Hollywood. Apparently, he was on track to become a professional football player before an injury broke his dreams while at Indiana University; yet reportedly after graduating, Avery "entered a Doctoral program at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and learned about human behavior," where he also "had [his] own restaurant" at age 22, per Naluda MagazineAvery later moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career while working as a door-to-door salesman. 

"I have always been extremely fascinated with psychology and sociology. Why people do the things that they do, what makes them tick," Avery explained. "I think the most rewarding part about this career is the life lessons that you learn by 'walking in someone else's shoes' for a role." He also admitted to Medium that the main lesson he learned in Hollywood was that there is "no fast track to success" but the "journey is worth it." The message behind his 1inMM company name is a quote that he lives by: "when odds in one in a million, be that one." 

So where else does Avery find inspiration for his career? Look no further than his family. 

Zach Avery's wife Mallory is his 'partner in crime'

Thanks to 1inMM Capital's supposed success, Zach Avery was able to comfortably settle down with his wife Mallory Hagedorn. The couple welcomed son Jax in 2017 and purchased a multi-million dollar home together. "My amazing wife has been my rock, my sounding board, and my partner in crime throughout my entire journey," Avery told MediumWell, hopefully not literally. Avery also admitted to Loud and Clear Reviews that Mallory and Jax frequently travel to set with him and are very involved in his professional life. "As I grow in my career, I don't miss out on growing my relationship [with my family]," Avery explained. He also is able to balance his "little entrepreneurial stuff on the side" 1inMM with family life, according to The Cutaway.

Avery's mother Susan Kozlowski also relocated to Los Angeles in 2008, per LinkedIn. Kozlowski founded L.I.F.T. Foundation with the goal of "providing equitable educational opportunities for low-income students with a dream to go to college." L.I.F.T. stands for "learning inspires freedom tomorrow," and students are provided four-year "renewable" scholarships coupled with college counseling. 

Avery argued to The Cutaway that he is just like everybody else. "I am just a human being who is an artist," Avery concluded.