What Too Hot To Handle's Chloe Veitch Has To Say About Francesca And Harry's Split

It's been over a year since the cast of Too Hot to Handle made waves on Netflix and a lot has gone down since then. For fan-favorite Chloe Veitch, she's thrilled to be coming back to reality TV for the new season of The Circle, premiering on April 14, 2021. But while her career is on the up, she said she's yet to find a partner to share her success with.

"I've had a couple of dates and I kind of tried to put some knowledge that I kind of got from To Hot to Handle into my new relationships," she told In Touch Weekly in April 2021. "[It hasn't] worked. To be honest, I've had enough of guys, as you can tell on The Circle. It didn't really work out well, so I'm really unlucky in love at the minute."

Sadly, she isn't the only Too Hot to Handle alum who has struggled in the romance department after the show. Although costars Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey left as a couple when the cameras went down, they split in June 2020 after a year of dating. However, Chloe didn't seem too surprised by their breakup. Keep scrolling to see what Chloe said about their split.

Chloe saw their breakup coming

Despite leaving Too Hot to Handle as lovebirds, Chloe Veitch admitted she didn't fall off her seat when she learned Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey had parted ways. "To be honest, no," she said when In Touch Weekly asked if she was surprised by their breakup.

However, it wasn't that Chloe didn't believe in the couple, but rather saw that their dynamic might change after meeting in a controlled environment apart from reality. "Every relationship has rocky patches and I think we'd lived with them for weeks," she explained while talking to the outlet. "So we kind of just knew that they were in a bubble and that when they get outside the bubble, it's going to be different. But there was distance in that relationship as well."

Since Francesca and Harry's split, the Australian hunk has been on the dating scene while Francesca found love again with The Only Way Is Essex star Demi Sims, per In Touch. They made their relationship Instagram official in January 2020, and Francesca even relocated to London to be closer to her partner.

"Honestly, I'm so happy for her to move to London, to find someone that she actually genuinely cares about," Chloe said about her former costar's love life. "I'm just glad that she's happy with someone." It sounds like everything worked out for the best.