Whatever Happened To Kerri Green?

We have the 1980s to thanks for some of our favorite cult-following movies, especially the 1985 adventure film The Goonies. The Steven Spielberg movie was one of the biggest hits of the decade with a box office success of over $63 million worldwide, per IMDb. The film has remained beloved by many today, and Spielberg even got the original cast together for a virtual No Kid Hungry fundraiser in December 2020, per Variety. The whole gang was there including Corey Feldman and Kerri Green. In fact, the appearance was a big deal for Green, who has been out of the acting game for some time now.

After being discovered by Spielberg at an audition in New York City, she was cast for the part of Andy, jumpstarting her career in entertainment, according to her IMDb profile. In addition to hitting the big screen for the first time in The Goonies, she also made an appearance in Summer Rental that same year. She later starred in 1986's Lucas alongside Charlie Sheen, and the pair worked together again the following year in Three for the Road. But after finding success as an '80s star, she decided to take a step back from acting to pursue a college degree. She went ahead and studied art at Vassar College before she tried to get back into the acting game, however, she quickly realized things would be a little tougher this time around. Keep scrolling for more details about Green's life after The Goonies.

Kerri Green lives a private life after Goonies fame

After Kerri Green took a break from acting to go to school, she didn't land her next big part until 1993 in the TV movie Blue Flame, per IMDb. After a series of small parts, she took a stab at directing for the 1999 film Bellyfruit, but directing didn't seem to stick. Although she continued to make sporadic appearances on TV, including ER and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, she hasn't been active in the entertainment business since 2012.

Following her career in film, Green went on to have a family of her own after tying the knot in the 1990s and welcoming two children, per Affair Post. However, Green chooses to live a very private life, so not much is known about her family or her day-to-day routine. Although she doesn't want to mix business and pleasure, we applaud her for living life on her own terms.