Inside Enola From Waterworld's Life Today

The 1995 film Waterworld became infamous for costing over $170 million to film (a record number at the time), and then falling flat with a tepid $88 million haul at the domestic box office, as per Decider. Kevin Costner, Dennis Hopper, and Jeanne Tripplehorn headlined the blockbuster, and the child actor Tina Majorino – who played the character of Enola – had a standout performance.

Fans of '90s films may recognize Majorino from her roles as a kid in films such as Corrina, Corrina, Andre, and When a Man Loves a Woman (via IMDb). At a young age, the budding movie star felt burned out and decided to step away from the limelight. "I lost the passion for it at 13," she told Movie Hole in 2006. "I had been working on back-to-back projects since I was 3 so I was happy to get to spend time with friends and family." The actor opted for school instead of film sets during her teenage years, but that was not the end of her career.

Majorino played a pivotal role as Deb in the indie comedy smash hit Napolean Dynamite in 2004 which was her first foray into acting as an adult, as per Movie Hole. As a student, Majorino interviewed author Rob Thomas for a project. Years later, Thomas went on to create the show Veronica Mars, and as Majorino told Netscape, he kept the actor in mind when casting the role of Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie.

That was only one of the actor's many notable TV roles. 

Fans remember her from this comedy classic

Tina Majorino's adult acting resume is as impressive as her child star credentials. Following her turn on Veronica Mars, she landed roles on HBO's Big Love, Grey's Anatomy, and in 2018 she had a recurring character on the procedural Scorpion where she played a chemist named Florence (via Deadline).

The actor has been attached to a myriad of projects in both film and television. "I would describe my career as eclectic; I've gotten to do so many different things," she told Cryptic Rock in a May 2020 interview. Taking on diverse roles is one of the keys to Majorino's sustained success. "I'm definitely someone who wants to be challenged; I don't just want to take on things that are easy," she said in a May 2020 interview with Shock Ya.

Fans who remember Majorino from her days as a child actor would have been surprised to see her turn as the villainous Jenny in Delivered, an episode of Hulu's Into The Dark horror anthology. "I would say this is the darkest role that I've ever played," the actor said to Cryptic Rock. Speaking to Creepy Kingdom about the part, Majorino admitted it was jarring to come home to spend time with her family and dogs after portraying a menacing character all day on set.

The accomplished actor gives fans a glimpse into her home life on Instagram where she often posts adorable snaps with her cute dogs, and shares the occasional throwback pic from her child star days.