What The Crown's Emma Corrin Seemingly Just Revealed About Her Sexuality

Emma Corrin became a hit with fans thanks to her breakout role as Princess Diana in Netflix's The Crown. She absolutely nailed the complexities of Diana's life and her relationship with Prince Charles. The rising star has also amassed an impressive net worth, and chances are it's only going to grow. 

Corrin has also shared she has a special connection to Diana, explaining to Harper's Bazaar in October 2020, "There's a parallel there with this stuff, with the trajectory that she experienced in terms of being catapulted into fame. And it's very strange." She continued, "I feel there's so much hype. It was probably just in my head, but I'm always wary of a lot of hype because I'm worried of not living up to it."

The attention surrounding Corrin's life hasn't died down, and as such, it's no surprise fans hopped on an announcement she seemingly made about her sexuality. Here's what she said.

Did Emma Corrin reveal she's queer?

Emma Corrin dropped a very interesting comment on an Instagram post she shared with the world on April 7, 2021. Corrin had shared a photo series from an interview with Pop magazine where she was dressed as a bride and wrote: "[U]r fave queer bride." As Out magazine noted, Corrin hasn't added any follow-up to this statement as of this writing, but many fans are interpreting her words as a coming-out moment. "QUEER? word i love my life," one fan commented. "[G]ay rights!" another fan wrote. "PRINCESS DIANA SAID GAY RIGHTS!!!!" someone else wrote.

Corrin is shooting a new film, My Policeman, alongside Harry Styles, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The pair play a husband and wife, so fans got into a tizzy about the possibility of a budding relationship. However, there's no proof in that pudding, and a source confirmed that with The Sun, saying, "There's nothing romantic between Harry and Emma but they became friends because they know loads of the same people."

Fans can't wait to hear more from Corrin, and it's clear she has their support.