How Much Is Ryan Reynolds Worth?

Ryan Reynolds is still riding high on his biggest career role to date as Deadpool. The action-packed superhero movie, which was released in 2016, arguably launched Reynolds to A-lister status, and the actor will never forget it.

Upon the release of a March 2021 trailer for The Suicide Squad by James Gunn, according to CinemaBlend, Reynolds took to his Instagram stories to compare his two "ripping himself apart" moments, asking fans if The Suicide Squad's King Shark had a better tear than Deadpool 2's Juggernaut.

The 'gram joke is one of many the comedic actor shares with fans, particularly when it comes to his role in Deadpool. But who can blame him? One movie franchise launched the actor into a huge tax bracket. According to Wealthy Genius, actor Ryan Reynolds' career didn't begin with a hefty paycheck. His first leading role was in the high school soap opera Fifteen in 1991. The actor made just $150 per episode on the four season series, per the outlet. 

So how much did the star make from the Marvel film(s) and what did that do to his net worth? Let's break it down.

Ryan Reynolds only made $2 million from 'Deadpool' — but his salary quickly increased

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ryan Reynolds went home with just $2 million for Deadpool, which is a small price for a film that grossed $264.9 million opening weekend. It wasn't until 2017's Deadpool 2 that Reynolds' upped his price, making approximately $20 million for the Marvel movie. In 2019, Reynolds was reportedly paid $27 million for his role in 6 Underground, a big jump from his first-ever paycheck. In 2020, the actor was listed as one of Forbes' highest-paid actors. And now, Reynolds' career has taken quite the journey with the actor being worth almost $30 million — per movie, according to Wealthy Genius. The success of Deadpool was ultimately the biggest push for Reynolds to expand his net worth to $150 million, per Celebrity Net Worth.

So what has the A-lister spent his millions on?

According to Hello! Magazine, Reynolds, Blake Lively, and their three kids share a $5.9 million home in Pound Ridge, New York. The home features seven bedrooms, six bathrooms and 11.65 acres of land (no biggie!). Plus, the mag notes that "locals describe them as extremely nice and well-liked."

Reynolds has also made a fortune due to his partnership with Aviation Gin. After the company was bought out, Reynolds stood to make "an initial payment of $335 million and a further potential consideration of up to $275 million" depending on how well the brand does in the next 10 years, per the BBC.